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The year I went off to college (1990) I was super excited. I got in touch with my new dorm-mate and we started coordinating what each of us would bring. I had really hit the jackpot, because while I had almost nothing to contribute of any value, she had everything: color TV, boom box, hot plate, coffeemaker (I didn’t drink coffee – still don’t – but ooohd and ahhhd over it so I wouldn’t sound like the seventeen-year-old that I was), and some other fun stuff. Actually, it wasn’t so much coordination as me getting down on my knees and thanking the dorm placement gods for sending me a roomie who could fulfill my dreams of skipping class to watch TV.

On move-in day we met each other, and I thought we’d hit it off. But later that day she told me rather off-handedly that she had met someone she knew from Long Island, and that girl didn’t have a room-mate, so she was ditching me. She and her electronics moved out, leaving me with my sheets and pillow and not much else. (I heard later that she slept with everything that moved that year, so good riddance.)

It was such a mixed blessing, because while I was actually happy to have my own room (I went right to the housing office and paid the “no room-mate” penalty so that they wouldn’t give me another one), I had nothing for my room. And no money.

I’m giving away a $100 Macy’s gift card, and if you have a kid going off to college, that could come in really handy. Especially since Macy’s has everything you need to outfit a dorm room, from bedding to small appliances to bathroom items to…seriously, everything.

Entering is really easy: just go here and watch a video about dorm room shopping at Macy’s, then come back here to my post and leave a comment about the video.

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Good luck!

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  1. Monica Young says

    I thought you did a good job on the video. I agree with finding the right amount of organization in such a small space and most of the time you do end up having a room mate.

  2. Mandy Blank says

    I will keep the tips in mind someday when my kids go off to college. I commuted to college, so I never had to deal with this. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. says

    How did I NOT know about ‘Macys by appointment’! Best tip on the video. OMG! I am so using their service for my Fall Fashion shopping.

  4. says

    That video just reminded me of my resolution to teach Jack how to properly CLEAN before sending him out into the world. He should be able to pick out his own vacuum ;-)

  5. DeeDee V. says

    Macys by appointment?! That’s awesome. I’ll have to remember that. And what a cute tiny vacuum!

  6. says

    great idea i am going to be going into my sophmore year at F.I.T living in a dorm on 31rst street and i would love to decorate it with macy’s products

  7. Elisabeth says

    We’re not quite yet in the going of to college faze yet but these are great tips and I will keep them in mind!

  8. says

    Great tips, helpful video – – while I don’t have a kid going to college at this moment, it would be helpful to have the card to organize my 5 year old’s room in a new smaller house we moved in to :) Would be a blessing!

  9. Stephanie says

    I didn’t live at school when I went to college but if I did I would have loved it if my mom took me on a shopping spree to Macy’s! Thanks for this giveaway.

  10. says

    I like how his Mom (in the video) is a little more practical and they show him looking at iPods! :) I didn’t know Macy’s has personal shoppers and it’s free. Good to know!

  11. says

    I have a college age son & teaching him how to vacuum & organize his things is my current challenge! I loved the fact that Macy’s has personal shoppers!

  12. steph says

    who wouldn’t like a personal shopper! the video made me realize i should have put more thought into the style of my dorm room planning :)