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Great Sportsmanship

This is one of those stories that makes me miss my kids (they’re at camp), because I love showing them examples of people not being dicks.

Over the weekend during the Tour de France, some jerk threw tacks onto the road. Over a dozen riders got flat tires, including the defending champ from last year, Cadel Evans, who had to change tires twice.

But not wanting to take advantage of something completely out of their competitors’ control, those at the front of the pack – led by Bradley Wiggins – slowed their pace until the affected riders had caught up. Wiggins explained after the stage was over:

I thought it was the honorable thing to do. Nobody wants to benefit from someone else’s misfortune.

These are pros with a lot on the line, and I just love the example they’re setting. Bravo.

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One Response to “Great Sportsmanship”

  1. Denise Traynor on July 16th, 2012 8:41 pm

    Bravo- nice change from the usual sports people wanted more money,etc