Randomosity: Bad Ernie Edition

This just shouldn’t make me laugh as hard as it does. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Do not click play if you don’t want to hear things coming out of Ernie’s mouth that just shouldn’t be coming out. However, do click if you’re a fan of Casino. The end just kills me.



Continuing with the Muppets – but a more family-friendly version – is this spoof of the song everybody loves to hate this summer, Call Me Maybe. (For the record, even though everything about my musical taste tells me I should hate that song, I never turn the station when it’s on. And I sing along. Loudly.) I just can’t stop listening to this version though. Of course, I’ve always suspected that Cookie Monster was my soul mate.



The most amazing thing about this video of a girl jumping off of a skyride in a thunderstorm last week is that the guy taking the video actually lowers his phone and runs over to see if she’s OK.



Crazy Bike

This is kinda crazy. This Portland mom takes her kids – all six of them – around on one super-bike. Thanks to Cool Mom Picks for the link.


And last, if you’re headed to London for the Olympics and need a room – but not necessarily a bathroom – this taxi driver might have the answer for you.

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