Hanna Andersson’s Garden City Store

I was compensated to host the event discussed below, but purchases made were my own.

Since there is no Hanna Andersson store in New York City, I will have to console myself with the gorgeous location at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island. I got to see it for myself last week (and go to a mall! And eat pretzel bites in a food court with Linda!), and couldn’t stop taking pictures of the adorable clothes.

Hanna Andersson manages to make bright, interesting clothes for both girls and boys. I have one of each, and often had trouble finding anything interesting for my son before discovering Hanna Andersson.

Unfortunately my giant ten-year-old is now too tall for their stuff, and according to the chart in the store, so am I (although the website does have women’s clothes!).


But my daughter would go absolutely crazy over this vest:


Another great thing about their clothes is how soft they are. Even the appliques are soft – not stiff and rough like most brands.



And I really wanted to rub my face all over the soft inside of this jacket (but don’t worry, I didn’t):


And I definitely want this rain jacket in my size. :-)


The girls’ clothes really caught my eye, since I’m way behind in buying clothes for my little niece Chloe (my sisters totally spoiled my kids with nice clothes). In fact, my sister Cara might find something familiar about one of these pictures when I see her next month – but I’m not saying which one, so that it will still be something of a surprise!




And it’s not just clothes either. The accessories, bags, and lunch items have the same mix of whimsy and practicality as their clothes. They even have rolling backpacks!


How cute is that shark backpack?


This change purse might have been the cutest thing in the store.


So there you have it: fantastic, colorful, comfortable clothes and accessories. If you’re near Garden City – or any of their locations – stop in!

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