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In Search Of The Perfect Homemade French Fry

Yesterday the kids and I cracked out our new deep fryer. I’d already cut some potatoes and stored them overnight in the fridge in cold water. Fresh, crispy fries are a beautiful thing, and I was giddy with anticipation! I had two methods I wanted to try. My lovely and eager assistant Fiona dried the […]

How to Kill Those Pesky Little Fruit Flies

I woke up yesterday morning to a fruit fly infestation. One even flew into my egg as I was scrambling it (ewwww). They’re too small to get consistently with my electric mosquito swatter and they drive me crazy. But there’s a really easy way to trap and kill just about all of them. Take a […]

Ode To A Grilled Cheese

OK, it’s not really an ode, I just liked the way that sounded. I don’t have the patience to write an ode. Not when there’s so much to watch on TV. But I did just eat the most amazing grilled cheese. It was on my homemade sourdough bread, with half a tablespoon of real butter […]

Fix A Broken Suitcase Zipper Pull Easily

No matter how much I spend on a suitcase, the sipper pulls always break within a year or two. Such a pain in the butt. After losing both main sipper pulls on my favorite suitcase, I finally decided to try to fix them myself. I found Zippermend on Amazon, and it was so inexpensive I […]

Me Baking + You Eating = Money for Sick Kids

I am incredibly lucky: my family is healthy. I wish that could be true for all families, but it isn’t. That’s why I’m baking this weekend, to make a small contribution to the fight against pediatric cancer. Cookies for Kids’ Cancer was started by two parents after their son was diagnosed with cancer. Now, people […]

Time To Get The Locks Fixed

When you’ve gone through a huge renovation where you didn’t have a door on your bedroom for a year, it’s hard to complain about the locks not working when you finally do have a door. We have these old-fashioned doorknobs with a separate lock at eye level, and once our new floors were installed and […]

Randomosity: Crazy Politics Edition

Can’t tell whether your rape was legitimate or not? This song can help you figure it out! *** Two old ladies got into a bit of a fight at a “Women for Mitt” event. Stay off their lawns. *** Soledad O’Brien has gotten a lot of credit lately for standing her ground against untrue talking […]

A Stinky Hotel Problem

So you’re traveling. You’re staying in a hotel with your family. Unlike at home, you’re all sharing one bathroom. It’s inevitable: someone will make the bathroom unusable…for a period of time. You know why. Don’t make me say it. And don’t think I’m throwing my family under the bus here, either. It’s just me and […]

What I Learned (While My Kids Were) At Camp

My kids come home from camp in about 48 hours. How 40 days went by so quickly I have no idea. This is by far the longest I’ve been away from my kids, ever. It gave me a whole new perspective on some things, and reinforced what I thought about other things. I’m sure I […]

Test Drive: GMC Acadia Crossover

I’m going on another road trip this week, taking my kids to Western New York to see family. The last time we did this trip, last month, we did it in a loaner from the GM Northeast Team. I don’t like to test drive vehicles in NYC unless they’re the type I would actually consider […]