I Lost My Diet Bet, But I Still Won

So tomorrow will be my final weigh-in for my third Diet Bet. I’m not even going to bother. I was more than two pounds away from my goal as of yesterday, and I just got back from an evening out with my husband, including a fat dinner that is sitting in my stomach like a rock.

On the surface, it appears that I lost the Diet Bet, and $50. I was supposed to lose 7.5 pounds and only lost 5.


It’s summer, when I usually try to stay inside in the air conditioning as much as possible. My kids are gone at sleepaway camp, and consequently my husband and I went out to eat more in the past month than we have in the past five years combined. I went on three four-day trips in four weeks, spending almost as much time traveling as I spent at home. I should have gained weight. Any other summer, I would have.

But this time, I paid attention, instead of just slipping into indulgent habits. Any day when I was going to go out to dinner, I ate sparingly so that I could let loose at the restaurant and enjoy myself. I biked to a pool in Greenpoint and swam laps (averaging 3/4 of a mile) 3-4 times a week. I walked a lot. I ate a lot of veggies and drank a lot of water.

Each one of the pounds that I lost cost me $10, but it was totally worth it. And I’ll be heading into the fall with momentum, instead of regret.


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  1. says

    Good for you!
    I am about to drop out of Jenny Craig, and am grateful for the 8 pounds I lost and the better eating habits I learned. And with Entenmann’s on sale down the block, I am still resisiting one day at a time! They won’t recognize us one day Amy O.!

    • says

      @Mitch: Ha! Ben & Jerry’s was on sale half price at a local grocery store yesterday. My husband brought me back Cheesecake Brownie! :-)

      As long as we both keep moving forward, we’ll be fine. Then, when we’re at our goals, we have to arrange another meet-up with Dr. Oz!

  2. says

    You are a WINNER WINNER! Go enjoy a chicken dinner! Seriously, we just don’t control that stupid scale anyway! What matters is that you are doing some great things for your body and allowing yourself to splurge! Congratulations!

  3. Jessica says

    Way to go Amy!! I also had access to a swimming pool. I used it as a way to get into shape and lost the weight I would have gained during the summer. I hope your are happy with your success (as it seems your are), as I am. Here’s to a successful Selfish Mom autumn of becoming even happier with our (smaller) size…

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