A Stinky Hotel Problem

Marriott Hotel Toiletries

So you’re traveling. You’re staying in a hotel with your family. Unlike at home, you’re all sharing one bathroom.

It’s inevitable: someone will make the bathroom unusable…for a period of time. You know why. Don’t make me say it.

And don’t think I’m throwing my family under the bus here, either. It’s just me and Jake here at the Marriott, and I was the one who stunk the bathroom up (there, I said it).

This time, anyway.

Hotel bathrooms almost never have windows. And the ventilation system – if there is one – will not take care of the problem.

So here’s my question:

With all of the stuff in my hotel bathroom – soap, conditioner, lotion, mouthwash, shower cap, shoe mitt, even a sewing kit – why isn’t there any air freshener? I’ve never ever seen this.

Only once have I ever even seen a travel-size container of air freshener, but at least I know it exists. So why haven’t the hotels – or the air freshener companies – jumped on this?

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    Fresh Wave in an all-natural odor eliminator that comes in travel size, perfect for this problem! We work commercially with hotels, however, not all have caught on yet :).

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    Shelly beat me to it. But yes, I pack matches (learned that tip from my mom.) And they came in quite handy a few weeks ago at BlogHer ;-)

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