Randomosity: Crazy Politics Edition

Can’t tell whether your rape was legitimate or not? This song can help you figure it out!


Two old ladies got into a bit of a fight at a “Women for Mitt” event. Stay off their lawns.


Soledad O’Brien has gotten a lot of credit lately for standing her ground against untrue talking points, but here’s the really sad thing: this shouldn’t be noteworthy. This is what journalists should be doing all the time.


I thought this was really fascinating: What The Gun Control Movement Can Learn From Gay Rights.


So the lead singer of Megadeth said that President Obama staged the Aurora, CO theater shootings. Whether that was an ill-advised stunt to remind people that his band still exists, or he’s just that much of a moron, I don’t know. But either way, it isn’t good.


And last, here are a couple of quizzes. I scored surprisingly low on the first one, surprisingly high on the second. Not sure what that means about me. Perhaps that I need to watch less C-Span and more E!?

How American are you? Take the quiz.

Could you pass an American Citizenship test?


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