Me Baking + You Eating = Money for Sick Kids

I am incredibly lucky: my family is healthy. I wish that could be true for all families, but it isn’t. That’s why I’m baking this weekend, to make a small contribution to the fight against pediatric cancer.

Cookies for Kids’ Cancer was started by two parents after their son was diagnosed with cancer. Now, people like me help raise money to fund research and treatment, by getting people like you to buy our baked goods!

I’ll be baking up a storm this weekend, and delivering the goods right to your door. On Sunday August 26th I’ll be delivering throughout Brooklyn, and on Monday August 27th I’ll be delivering to Manhattan (very convenient for you if you work in the city and would like to share with your co-workers!).

I’ll be taking payment through PayPal so that I’m not going to strangers’ houses laden with cash. There is a $10 minimum per order. If the prices seem a little on the high side, please keep this in mind: I’m donating all of the ingredients (which are expensive!) so that every penny of the purchase price gets donated.

[UPDATE: If you will be attending the Springboard Conference in September in Boston, you can order cookies or brownies – pay now so that I can get the donations in, and I will make them later and bring them with me! Please get your orders in ASAP – by September 7th would be great!]

Last year, with your help, I donated $257. I would love to match that again this year, or maybe even hit $300?

Here’s what I’m offering, and anyone who knows me would attest to how awesome these all are:

Guittard Chocolate Chip Cookies


2010-07-01 13.50.47

Made with semi-sweet Guittard chocolate discs, every bite of these hearty cookies is filled with chocolaty goodness. They’re made from a Jennifer Perillo recipe, which gives you an extra assurance that they’ll be delicious.

Rich & Gooey Brownies

$20/double batch size (13x9x2)

Amy's Brownies

My brownies are legendary at school bake sales. Teachers try to sneak in early to buy up a bunch before the general public. Friends request them when they come over for lunch. And I’ve been known to eat more of them than I’ll admit publicly after everyone else has gone to bed – they’re impossible to resist!

With or without walnuts, your choice.

Full disclosure: I start with a mix, which makes these the only item in this sale not made completely from scratch, but you shouldn’t care – they’re awesome.

Sour Cream Chive Potato Bread

$9/loaf, two for $16

2010-03-02 22.29.17

My waistline really rues the day when I discovered this bread recipe from King Arthur Flour. Moist and flavorful, this bread is perfect on its own, although my husband has been known to make some pretty decadent sandwiches with it.

Rustic Sourdough Bread

$7/loaf, two for $12


I’ve been using the same sourdough starter for over a year, and can’t get enough of this bread. Chewy and tangy, it’s from this King Arthur Flour recipe.

Double Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

$12 for four mini-loaves

Double Chocolate Chip Banana Bread mini loaves

Imagine regular banana bread. Now add a crapload of chocolate. It’s from this recipe, and it was my greatest baking discovery of the year.

There you go! Email me ASAP with your order, and we’ll set up a delivery time. Remember, it’s all for charity, and the people in your life will love you more if you feed them. :-)

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  1. says

    Damn! Too bad I live in TX because I would be ordering a ton of those brownies. BTW – I tried training for a half marathon. I didn’t even make it to a 5K. The pounding just hurts my knees too much. It’s back to Pilates and the elliptical trainer for me.

  2. says

    Much of my family lives in Brooklyn, but in weird places so I wouldn’t make you schlep there. And my best friend lives in Manhattan, but she wouldn’t eat a drop of that stuff (shame on her, sweets are GOOD and GOOD FOR THE SOUL!). But I will share this [Ilina shared on FB and that’s how I found the post] as I LOVE CFKC and I would so buy a batch if you were mailing them. ;) In the meantime can I send you (via PayPal, obviously) a donation towards this effort and cause?

    Sorry for the ramble. I’m drooling over the brownies. BIG time. ;>

    • says

      @Andrea: Are you sure? I’m already delivering to Bay Ridge on Sunday! But yes, you can absolutely donate, thank you so much! Amy (at) SelfishMom (dot) com is the paypal address.

      • says

        @Amy: I have family in Canarsie and no clue what their schedule will be, big I have passed along your info all over the place! And my SIL is G-free, so my brother would probably kill me if I sent them stuff, he would have to eat it all! :) I will send a donation, though, definitely. Good luck with the effort!

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