Time To Get The Locks Fixed

door lockWhen you’ve gone through a huge renovation where you didn’t have a door on your bedroom for a year, it’s hard to complain about the locks not working when you finally do have a door. We have these old-fashioned doorknobs with a separate lock at eye level, and once our new floors were installed and the house settled under the weight, the locks didn’t work anymore – they didn’t line up with the hole.

We shrugged. With so many things to fix around here, the locks were pretty low on the list. We’d been lucky so far. We’d taught the kids to knock…or so we thought.

This morning after my husband got out of the shower, we were goofing around. No, not that way – I mean literally, goofing around and making each other laugh. I was fully clothed – I think I was even still under the sheet. There may have been some silly noises.

All of a sudden, my husband got deadly serious and said “Did you hear somebody knock?” He went to our bedroom door, opened it, and there was Jake, with a look on his face somewhere between horror and nausea.

My husband asked him, “Jake, did you open the door?” And Jake said – very quietly – “Yes.”

We both burst out laughing. We couldn’t stop.

My husband managed to say something about always knocking first before telling Jake to go downstairs.

Time to get those locks fixed.

Before he catches us actually doing something.

And is scarred for life.

More than he is now.

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    Rose: I would have died if I’d ever caught my parents having sex.
    Dorothy: You never walked in on them?
    Rose: Once. But they were only playing leap-frog.

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