Fix A Broken Suitcase Zipper Pull Easily

No matter how much I spend on a suitcase, the sipper pulls always break within a year or two. Such a pain in the butt. After losing both main sipper pulls on my favorite suitcase, I finally decided to try to fix them myself.

I found Zippermend on Amazon, and it was so inexpensive I figured it wouldn’t work, but also that I wouldn’t waste much money trying, so I bought two. Here’s what happened:


Keep in mind, you still need someplace not broken to attach the new zipper pull to. When zipper pulls break they usually rip off, taking half of the piece that was holding them. But if you’re lucky, you’ll still have the rings that you’re supposed to put your lock into to keep the suitcase closed (you know, the ones we used to use before the TSA said they had to get into our suitcases and go through our underwear).


When the zipper pull broke it pulled the piece holding it half off


This one was pulled right off

We’ve used the fixed suitcase on two trips, and so far so good. They don’t pull as smoothly in one direction as they originally did, since they’re now attached only on one end (instead of being able to slide from one end to the other), but it’s a million times better than trying to use a paper clip. Happy zipping!


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