How to Kill Those Pesky Little Fruit Flies

I woke up yesterday morning to a fruit fly infestation. One even flew into my egg as I was scrambling it (ewwww). They’re too small to get consistently with my electric mosquito swatter and they drive me crazy. But there’s a really easy way to trap and kill just about all of them.

Take a glass or mug and pour in about a half inch of red wine vinegar (other vinegars probably work, but this is what I’ve always used and have had great luck). Cover the opening tightly with plastic wrap. Poke six or seven holes in the top with a toothpick, wiggling it a bit to make the holes big enough for a fruit fly to climb through.

Then leave it alone for a few hours. They love the smell of vinegar and will climb in to get it, and will drown. If they don’t drown immediately, they’ll have trouble crawling back out of the holes and will hang around inside until they do drown.

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  1. Kat Catania says

    Thanks for the fruit fly tip – we’ve had tons of them. Izzy calls them “food bees.”

    Take care Gertrude!


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