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St. Kitts Part 2: Exploring the Island, from Land and Sea

Day one on my press junket to St. Kitts involved some swimming and a very fine dinner. Day two was packed with more great food, a Jeep tour of the island, and a sunset catamaran cruise – a full, fun day in a gorgeous setting. We met Greg of Greg’s Safaris and set off on […]

On today’s menu

Someone over at this post just asked what I eat on one of my low-carb/low-cal days. Here’s you go. The chart below is what I’ll be eating today. It all works out to 794 calories, and 36.7 grams of carbohydrates. As you can see, I weigh and measure everything. I’ve tried many different methods, and […]

Weight Loss 4.0

I feel like I’m in the fourth (and final) stage of my weight loss. That might seem weird since I still have more than 30 pounds to go until I reach my goal, but I’m in a comfortable routine that is working – I don’t feel like I’m looking for “the best way” to lose […]

St. Kitts, Part 1: The Marriott Resort

Uh-oh, where’s the coconut?!? Before I was invited on a press junket this summer to the Marriott Resort and Royal Beach Casino on the island of St. Kitts, I really had no idea where it was. I guessed that it was in the Caribbean, and was basically right – it’s south-east of the Virgin Islands. […]

Fiona & I will be on Huffington Post Live tonight

A couple years ago I wrote about Fiona and her belief in God. I wrote about it in my former job with Momtourage (I don’t know why they have it listed as being written this year, it was not), and in a better piece on my own site, Bill O’Reilly and Bill Maher in my […]

Turning Big Brother Off

The first week and a half of school, dealing with my son’s commute, was rough. First, there was just getting my mind into a place where my son was going to be commuting to a totally different neighborhood on the bus each day. Then there was the stress of him getting lost, and of forgetting […]

A few glitches with the commute, and the importance of remaining calm and Rational

So on Friday I wrote a post about how, even though it will be stressful for me (I’m a born worrier), it’s important that Jake gets himself to middle school each day. Thousands – hundreds of thousands? – of NYC kids do it, he’ll be fine. Right? I said in the post that I knew […]

New School, New Independence

Jake on the bus, pretending he doesn’t know me Jake started middle school yesterday. You may remember that we were struggling with a choice between a huge school that had a commute but was well established, and a tiny school that was on our corner but brand new. Pretty much everybody advised that we go […]

Stay Out Of My Room!

Both of my kids have friends over right now – a last hurrah before school starts tomorrow. And like all kids who come into this house, they got my lecture about where they’re allowed to play and what’s off limits. The basement is off limits because they would never be heard from again. The guest […]

T-Fal Deep Fryer Review

I’ve been talking a lot about what I’ve been frying so far in my new deep fryer. I posted pictures of my first attempt at veggie tempura (it was awesome), and I wrote a whole post about my three tries at making great French fries. I’ve done hush puppies and even battered bananas (they were […]