“I just want to hang out with you!”

WP_001064The other day Fiona came to me with a look I know well: somewhere between pissed off and hurt, with a hint of a smile that means she spent some time working up the nerve to come to me. When I see this look, I know to stop what I’m doing and give her my full attention, because I have wronged her in some major way.

“Mommy, we never just hang out!”


“When Daddy comes home we all stop what we’re doing and eat dinner and hang out together, how come you don’t do that when it’s just us?”

Well, it’s your lucky day little girl! I’ve barely seen you all summer. I had a big break. I feel refreshed. Anything your heart desires.

She wanted to make lemonade. So we did. Well, she did. I supervised. I’m good at that.


We used these instructions (I don’t like lemonade and had never made it before). She was thrilled that she got to use the stove.


I even cracked out the lemon zester when she said she wanted to make her glass of lemonade “fancy.”


We did a half recipe, which was enough to last her for two days. Every time she drank some she bragged about how she’d made it from scratch.


After I hit publish on this post Fiona and I have a cat’s cradle date. Take advantage, kid. It’s only a matter of time before I’m counting the days until summer camp again. But right now, I am thoroughly enjoying you being home this last week before school. :-)

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    This looks like lots of fun. I love the look of satisfaction on Fiona’s face….
    How long will it be before they don’t want to hang around with us anymore? Enjoy it while it lasts, I say.

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