Fiona’s Unicorn Poop Cookies

A while back I found this recipe for Unicorn Poop. What an awesome, twisted mind these came from! I tried it almost immediately, with roll-out cookie dough and nothing sparkly. I tried putting the little candy pearls I had in one, but that just looked weird. Like the unicorn had eaten a bunch of oysters. But still, they were cute.


Fiona wanted to make them today, and we had made some cookie dough last night, and I now had candy stars and sparkle gel. She had a lot of fun.


Mixing the colors



Seriously, this might be the most PITA project ever



Luckily, Fiona has patience



Going into the oven



Painting on the sparkle gel



Mmm, shimmery poop!


But I need to take this to the next level. We still need the rainbow disco dust, neon food coloring, and some shiny candy balls (and the only ones on Amazon cost almost as much to ship as the balls themselves cost!), so I have a little shopping to do. Plus, we really need to make the sugar cookie recipe listed in the instructions, and do this right (the roll-out dough breaks too easily).

The third time will be the charm!

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  1. says

    Just a thought:
    1. Wouldn’t unicorn poop be like horse poop, ie. road apples (round balls) and to that end..
    2. would it maybe be easier to roll out the colors and lay them on top of one another (like when making rainbow bread) and then cutting strips, then rolling into rainbow glittery balls… you could go all out and do rainbow rum balls (at least then you’d have a reward afterward) and hey, maybe after eating a dozen or so you might actually see the unicorn pooping them!

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