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What jetBlue Could Do Better Next Time

I originally titled this “jetBlue Is Letting Me Down This Time” but changed it. jetBlue is letting me down right now, but I’m trying to keep in mind what they’re going through right now instead of simply bitching about what they’re doing wrong. Quick background: my husband, kids and I flew to Providenciales, Turks & […]

How To Survive Hurricane Sandy: Be Somewhere Else

Not practical advice, I know. But that’s how I’m getting through Hurricane Sandy, because the kids and I are in Turks & Caicos right now. We didn’t mean to still be here. This was supposed to be a quick weekend trip, and we were scheduled to get back to NYC earlier today (Monday). But all […]

When Trying Your Hardest Isn’t Enough

[The following post was commissioned by Kleenex] Thank you Kleenex for sponsoring this post! Kleenex has teamed up with Laura Posada, mom and MLB wife, to show support for families and athletes. To show your team spirit, visit the MyKleenex site. Last week Fiona tried out for the cheerleading squad at school. Tryouts were held […]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Turn 40 Alone

This post, about my recent malaise, has been hanging around at the top of my blog for a few days. Totally misleading, since writing it all out – and getting a great night of sleep afterward – helped to exorcise whatever demons had taken up residence in my head for a little while. I think […]


According to Merriam-Webster: malaise 1: an indefinite feeling of debility or lack of health often indicative of or accompanying the onset of an illness 2: a vague sense of mental or moral ill-being Yup, that about nails it. For the past three or four days, that’s what I’ve been feeling. I can’t put my finger […]

Olive Garden’s Dinner Today & Dinner Tomorrow Deal

[The following post was commissioned by Olive Garden, via Resourceful Mommy Media.] Last week I wrote about Olive Garden’s great new deal, called Dinner Today & Dinner Tomorrow. And this week I got to try it out. It’s a simple but genius idea: for one low price, you choose an entrée for dinner (along with […]

The Banana Conversation

So this is what happened this morning. Jake: Can I have a banana in my lunch? Me: Um…sure. Here you go. Make sure you don’t squish your backpack. Jake: Why isn’t it in the banana holder? Me: Um…you can’t take that to school. Jake: Why? Me: …Because it looks like a penis. Jake: BAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s […]

Would You Send Your Kid To School With One Of These?

A couple of years ago I was at a friend’s party when she showed us one of these and said whoever identified what it was first could have it. I had no idea. I mean, I had an idea of what it looked like it was, but knew that’s not what it was. Can you […]

Lenovo’s New Windows 8 Devices!

The other night I went to an event put on by Lenovo, highlighting their new Windows 8 devices. I checked out 3 rather unique PCs and two tablets. (I have no idea in the pictures below of the Yoga computers which is the 11 and which is the 13 – without comparing them to each […]

Amazing new deal from Olive Garden!

[The following post was commissioned by Olive Garden, via Resourceful Mommy Media.] Being a complete carboholic, it’s no surprise that Olive Garden is one of my favorite restaurants. I have actually had dreams about their breadsticks. And since my son Jake is basically a mini-me, it’s his favorite as well. In fact, we’ve spent almost […]