St. Kitts Part 3: An Amazing Fort & A Beautiful Beach

My first day on a press junket to St. Kitts was about the food. My second day involved a fantastic Jeep tour and a sunset catamaran cruise, and then of course more food. The third day involved more beauty than I’ve ever seen in one day.

We started out traveling up into the hills, on twisty, narrow roads, and I was glad I wasn’t driving. At one point our bus driver somehow got us through this archway, which not only had about a half inch of clearance on either side of us, but was on a wicked curve.

St. Kitts - Sunday (26)

We were headed to a place called Brimstone Hill, an old British fort, and I admit I wasn’t excited at first. I’ve been to forts, including others in the Caribbean. I used to play on the steep hills of Old Fort Niagara. Yawn. But, when on press trips like these you go where the group goes.

Brimstone Hill was no ordinary fort, though, and if you go to St. Kitts you have to make this a stop. This fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for good reason. For one thing, it’s an engineering marvel. The hand-cut stones had to be dragged up this huge hill, a task done by slaves.

St. Kitts - Sunday (2)

From here, you walk to the top!

The views are out of this world.

St. Kitts - Sunday (5)

St. Kitts - Sunday (9)

But if you’re an average American expecting gates and railings and signs telling you when something is dangerous, you’re going to fall and break many things here.

St. Kitts - Sunday (11)

St. Kitts - Sunday (12)

Yup, you could just walk right off the edge, stupid American tourist!

St. Kitts - Sunday (19)

There are many strange little rooms – I’m pretty sure this one wasn’t supposed to be open

I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in the rooms with the displays, but that’s where I spent most of my two hours there. The entire history of the island is told, plus model rooms showing how the British soldiers stationed at the fort would have eaten, slept, and washed their clothes. Let’s just say that the amazing views were probably the only perk for the soldiers of Brimstone Hill.

St. Kitts - Sunday (17)


We headed south to the narrow part of the island, where you can see the Atlantic on the left and the Caribbean on the right, at a great photo opp spot called Timothy Hill.

St. Kitts - Sunday (27)

We also had a great view behind us of the Marriott Resort, where we were staying. Many thanks to Kayt Sukel for the picture!

Marriott St. Kitts

After a drive spent peering up at mansions in the hills, we arrived at our lunch destination, a delightful restaurant called Spice Mill.

St. Kitts - Sunday (35)

And in front of Spice Mill was quite possibly the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been to, Cockleshell Beach.

St. Kitts - Sunday (36)

St. Kitts - Sunday (39)

St. Kitts - Sunday (42)

Beds! On a beach! I was in heaven

If you go, and are comfortable driving on the “wrong” side of the road, by all means rent a car. But I was told by our guides that getting a taxi out to Cockleshell Beach was routine. And if you like clear blue water and a quiet, relaxing little slice of paradise, you must make the trip.

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