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This morning I shuffled downstairs at 6am, still half asleep, to make my son breakfast. He was curled up on the couch under a blanket with my Kindle. Not an uncommon sight. Often it’s even an actual paper book. A few evenings ago, he turned off the TV and went upstairs before bedtime to play…

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A Mystery On My Stoop


We live in the kind of neighborhood where you often wake up to find cigarette butts on your stoop, beer bottles, maybe some candy wrappers. But what I found this morning was much more than a few stray pieces of garbage: Sigh. Honestly, if this had happened yesterday I would have just told my husband…

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How To Get A Big Dinner On The Table


I’m not known for getting meals on the table in a timely manner. With a normal dinner – we’re talking one easy main dish, one side – my kids are usually whining about being starving as I yell “Ten more minutes! I swear!” If I say dinner’s at seven, my husband is smart enough at…

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