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Electronics, Creativity, & Imagination–living together in harmony. Kumbaya

This morning I shuffled downstairs at 6am, still half asleep, to make my son breakfast. He was curled up on the couch under a blanket with my Kindle. Not an uncommon sight. Often it’s even an actual paper book. A few evenings ago, he turned off the TV and went upstairs before bedtime to play […]

The “Do Not Buy” Gift List 2012

I love doing my holiday shopping online. I don’t have to stand in actual lines. I don’t have to fight crowds. I don’t have to wear pants. But with such a limitless selection of items on the web, choosing gifts for friends and family can be hard. While I can’t really give you a list […]

A Mystery On My Stoop

We live in the kind of neighborhood where you often wake up to find cigarette butts on your stoop, beer bottles, maybe some candy wrappers. But what I found this morning was much more than a few stray pieces of garbage: Sigh. Honestly, if this had happened yesterday I would have just told my husband […]

How To Get A Big Dinner On The Table

I’m not known for getting meals on the table in a timely manner. With a normal dinner – we’re talking one easy main dish, one side – my kids are usually whining about being starving as I yell “Ten more minutes! I swear!” If I say dinner’s at seven, my husband is smart enough at […] Makes Online Fundraising easy!

[The following post was commissioned by] If you’ve ever been in charge of a fundraiser, you know how much time gets sucked up with logistics. Where online will you post the info? How will you take donations? How will you issue tickets for events? The list goes on and on. I used to head […]

The Great Dessert Hunger Strike of 2012

Something rather extraordinary happened during dessert tonight: Two children refused dessert in solidarity with my unjustly punished son. All I had seen was the aftermath: Jake’s arm covered in milk, with milk dripping all over my friend Julia’s kitchen chair and rug. I lost it, immediately. It’s bad enough when your kids misbehave and make […]

Please Join Me For The #WorryFreeHome Twitter Party

[The following post was commissioned by Kidde.] Does this sound familiar? You’re asleep. Something wakes you up, but in your half-awake state you can’t figure out what. You try to go back to sleep, and as you drift off again, you’re jerked awake by a sound…you can’t quite place where it’s coming from, but it’s […]

Five Things We Learned From This Election

5) Math can be impartial and nonpartisan. As I was nearing nauseous freak-out status yesterday waiting for election results to start coming in, my good friend Toni reminded me to trust in Nate Silver. She was right, of course. Toni and I were on the math team together back in high school (and she beat […]

Hax Attacks: Learn Online Security While Gaming

[The following post was commissioned by Cyber Griffin.] This summer my eleven-year-old son, Jake, learned a hard online lesson. There’s a block building game that he’s been playing for two or three years, building up virtual coins. He had a lot of coins. But one morning I found him near tears, staring at his laptop. […]

How Can You Help? There’s No Wrong Answer

Tragedies always bring a desire to help. When I was stuck out of town in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy I felt very removed and helpless, but then when I got home I felt overwhelmed. Where to give money? Go with a big national organization that we’ve given to when the tragedies have been farther […]