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[The following post was commissioned by Kidde.]

Does this sound familiar? You’re asleep. Something wakes you up, but in your half-awake state you can’t figure out what. You try to go back to sleep, and as you drift off again, you’re jerked awake by a sound…you can’t quite place where it’s coming from, but it’s a beep of some kind. Still, you don’t want to get out of bed. Maybe it will stop on its own…

Eventually, you give up and get out of bed, and try to find what’s making the noise. It’s your smoke detector, doing the low-battery routine. Not wanting to leave yourself without an alarm, you climb onto a chair at three in the morning to replace the battery.

Out of all the things that annoy me about my house – windows that rattle in the wind, creaky stairs, doorknobs that fall off onto toes – the middle-of-the-night beep drives me the most crazy. That’s just one of the things we’ll be talking about on Wednesday, November 14th at 8pm Eastern, during the #WorryFreeHome twitter party, hosted by Kidde, makers of the new Worry-Free line of smoke alarms.

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These new alarms have a sealed-in lithium battery that lasts for ten years! That’s one less thing in your home to worry about. Join us for a fun discussion about things that annoy you around your house, how to keep safe in case of a fire, and the great features of the new Kidde Worry-Free Alarms.

And of course, there will be prizes! We’ll be giving away gift cards and alarms from the new Worry-Free line, including a grand prize worth almost $250!

All you have to do to be eligible to win is RSVP in the comments section of this post (leave your twitter handle in the comment), and participate in the party on November 14th. See you there!

#WorryFreeHome Twitter Party

Wednesday, November 14th, 8-9pm Eastern

RSVP in the comments section of this post by leaving your twitter handle.

And make sure to participate on Wednesday!

Want an easy way to follow along during the party?

#WorryFreeHome TweetGrid

See you Wednesday!


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