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If you’ve ever been in charge of a fundraiser, you know how much time gets sucked up with logistics. Where online will you post the info? How will you take donations? How will you issue tickets for events? The list goes on and on. I used to head up fundraising at my kids’ elementary school and I would have loved using a website that made an online campaign easy.

Fundraise is set up so that anyone – even someone with no web experience – can put up an engaging, organized fundraising page with a custom URL (something like You’re led through the process step-by-step as you set a goal, describe your fundraiser, add pictures and videos, even sell tickets. handles the payments, sending you your accumulated donations each month.


Step-by-step instructions for setting up your page

What if you want to raise money for an established 501c3? You can do that through the site too, and will send the donations directly to the organization.

The best part of the site is how easy they’ve made it to integrate your fundraiser into Facebook. Donors can get info about your fundraiser and pay without leaving Facebook, making them much more likely to share your fundraiser right on the Facebook site. There’s also Twitter and google+ integration, and the site works on mobile devices too. Don’t want to send people to the site? You can embed their form on your own website!

Donations can be made by Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. charges a combined fee of 7.5% per transaction (4.5% to cover the site’s costs, 3% for credit card processing fees). You pay nothing to join the site and set up your fundraiser – there are no fees other than what’s taken from the donations, so you have no out-of-pocket costs.


Example of a site

You’ll have access to analytics and reports, and donors will automatically receive a receipt (including tax-exempt info, if applicable). Donors can even sign up to give monthly donations.

I can’t wait to try out for the next fundraiser I’m involved in. I’ve been pouring over their “How to Fundraise” learning center, which has lots of great ideas about organizing and promoting different types of fundraisers. It really seems like they’ve thought of everything!

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