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Twelve Things I Learned This Christmas

1) When your kids no longer believe in Santa, you don’t have to worry about what kind of wrapping paper you use. Or change your handwriting on the tags. And the wrapping scraps? They can just go in the recycling bin!


And as you buy and wrap presents, you can just put them under the tree. No need to hide them. AND you get all the credit for the gifts. It’s awesome.

2) On the other hand, there’s no reason to put out cookies and milk on Christmas Eve for “Santa” to eat. You can still have cookies and milk, but you can’t tell yourself that it was all part of a grand plan to fool your kids. You were simply pigging out on cookies at midnight for no good reason.

3) Even tough guys will get crafty when there’s candy involved.


4) The Barbie Dream House? The giant one with the elevator and all the sounds and stuff? It’s the hardest thing to put together ever. The terrible instructions are paired with black and white pictures that are so dark it’s impossible to tell what’s happening.

I was up half the night with this thing.


5) In the middle of the night, when you ask your husband to bring the empty boxes downstairs, there’s a good chance that he will put a very obvious one in a hallway practically next to the tree, where your daughter will notice it before you’ve actually given her that present.


6) When you buy a bunch of AA batteries from Amazon and they come in a plain brown package, open it up and look closer, because they may have sent you several dozen AAA batteries by mistake. And you may be scrambling on Christmas morning to find enough AA batteries for the kids’ new toys. In a related matter, all of your XBox controllers may be battery-free at the moment.

7) If you decide to make your pie crust a little thicker this time because you really really like crust, and then you bake it longer than usual because you’re worried about it being doughy, you may turn your apple pie into applesauce pie. (But the crust will still be awesome.)

8) Pretty tablecloths should be used more than once a year. They’re just fun.


9) If you buy an eight-year-old girl a skateboard in winter, she will want you to take her outside, even though it’s very cold.

10) No matter how many Legos and Nerf guns an eleven-year-old has, he will still go crazy if you get him more.

11) Barbie can never have too many clothes.


12) No matter how little sleep you got, or how many nails you broke, it was all worth it.

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