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Twelve Things I Learned This Christmas

1) When your kids no longer believe in Santa, you don’t have to worry about what kind of wrapping paper you use. Or change your handwriting on the tags. And the wrapping scraps? They can just go in the recycling bin! And as you buy and wrap presents, you can just put them under the […]

My Very Own Windows Phone 8 Start Screen

I’m so thrilled to announce that I’m part of Team Windows Phone! For the next few months I’ll be sharing my experiences with my new Windows Phone 8, the HTC 8X, which has been given to me to review and explore. That’s my new start screen there, to the left (of course, you can’t see […]

THIS Is How You Build Self-Esteem and Confidence

I’ll never forget the time in eighth grade when I didn’t get my swimming medal. I had won a bronze in the city finals for individual backstroke. When the medals were delivered to our school a few weeks later the gym teacher had a little ceremony – and forgot to give me mine. I ran […]

Her Safe Place

I spent the weekend trying to decide, with my husband, if we should tell Fiona what happened in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday. We were on opposite sides – I wanted to tell her, he didn’t – but neither one of us was sure enough to really fight for our position. So in the end we […]

Introducing LOC–All Of Your Loyalty Cards In one Place

[The following post was commissioned by LOC.] I’m one of those people with a giant key ring. It has the keys on it for every door I could ever need to get into, a safety whistle, and the broken end of a flashlight that used to be on there. It also has four loyalty cards […]

I Need A Pause Button

I wrote this last Thursday, and had planned on posting it on Friday, but did not due to the shocking and horrific slaughter of 20 children and 6 adults in Newtown. I’m posting it now, unaltered, and mean it more than ever: I just want to freeze my kids the way they are right now […]

So…Was This One Finally Tragic Enough?

In 1984, when I was twelve, I spent the summer in Ireland visiting my grandmother. All anyone was talking about was the Olympics. Then one day, the banner headline in the Dublin paper screamed about a bunch of kids being killed at a McDonald’s in California. I was horrified. I was not at all political […]

THIS Is Why Gun Control Matters

[Please not: there are several factual errors in this post, things that were being reported while I was writing this that turned out not to be true. These errors do not change the sentiment of the post.] I had Rachael Ray on this morning when abc broke in with news of a school shooting in […]

“No, I’m good.”

Yesterday I took Jake to his pediatrician to get a couple of shots. I used to hate this so much, because Jake was a runner. He would be fine on the way to the doctor, fine throughout the examination. But as soon as he saw the nurse come in with those needles, he was off. […]

I Did Not Move To Brooklyn For The Wildlife

About five years ago some young raccoons tried to get into our house, every morning at 2am, for about two weeks. They would squeeze between our bedroom window and the security bars and scratch on the glass, waking us up (although by the second week, I wasn’t really sleeping). They would make a ton of […]