Buy Luxury Bedding Without Leaving Your Own Bed

[The following post was commissioned by Frette.]

If there’s one thing I thought I knew everything about, it’s online shopping. If I can buy it without leaving my house, I’m a very happy person. But there’s a whole level of luxury online shopping out there that I didn’t know existed. I always assumed that when someone like Oprah or the king of a small oil-producing country needed luxury linens, they sent a minion to a luxury linen store. But they wouldn’t have to. Take a look at what has to offer!

Founded over 150 years ago in France as a manufacturer of home linens, Frette evolved into the go-to company for luxury hotels and cruise ships (it was Frette table linen in the banquet rooms of the Titanic). If I wanted to actually get dressed and leave my house, I could go to an actual Frette location on Madison Avenue, and they also sell their products from ABC Carpet & Home, my absolute favorite furniture store, and they have many other locations around the world. But you know my shopping motto: why put on pants if you don’t have to?

Take a look around the site – there are so many different styles to choose from, and I’ve fallen in love with several of them. I mean, how gorgeous is their Seventies collection? I would like to transport this entire bed into my room, exactly as it is. And I don’t think my husband would object either – it’s beautiful, while still having a bit of a man’s touch.


The Ava Red collection is another of my faves – it’s striking!

Ava Red

There are sections of the site that I can only dream about, like the Millionaire Gold collection (I guess the name should have been a tip-off). But even if it’s not in the cards to get an entire set like that complete with pillows and sheets and throws and everything, a new duvet can change the look of a room without costing an arm and a leg.

There are other sections that would be perfect for gifts, like these robes. There are a lot of great options in their gifts category, and while many are out of my price range, I’m more than happy to receive them as gifts, thank you very much! Seriously – I can almost feel this cashmere set against my skin. Plus, it’s named after my daughter – it’s like it was meant to be!


And don’t forget to check out their sale page. Just because you want something luxurious doesn’t mean you also wouldn’t like to save a bit on it. :-)

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