Why I’m At Disney World (Other than, Because I’m Really Lucky)


One of the great things about working with the wonderful people at Disney is that they don’t do anything half way. I didn’t just get an invitation to come down to Disney World for the grand opening of the new, expanded Fantasyland, I got an entire storybook.

Fantasyland invitation

Disney is all about the details, and the new Fantasyland does not disappoint. I was able to check it out last night, and was completely blown away by what they’ve done. They’ve doubled the size of Fantasyland, and added some amazing experiences.

The change that will probably excite the most people is the new Dumbo ride. There are now two of them! Which means twice as many kids getting on this beloved ride. Plus, the waiting area is now out of the sun.


Goofy’s Barnstormer ride has been open for a while (we went on it in the spring), and it’s a fun coaster for kids not ready for a bigger coaster.


How cool is it that you can see Space Mountain in the background?

And a bigger coaster is coming, being built right now. Modeled after a ride through a mine with the Seven Dwarfs, I can’t wait for this (coasters are my favorite).


Future roller coaster!

There’s now a place (indoors!) devoted to getting pictures taken – and goofing around – with four favorite Disney characters:





The new ride devoted to the story of The Little Mermaid is just wonderful – you get to relive all of your favorite scenes and songs from the movie as you travel around in a big clam shell!




And your old favorites are still there, like the carousel.


I haven’t gotten to do Enchanted Tales with Belle yet, but everybody who has has raved about it. Kids get to be part of the experience, acting out scenes from Beauty and the Beast!

And I’m saving the new restaurant, Be Our Guest, for a separate post, because it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

Can’t wait to tell you more, this has been so exciting!

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