THIS Is Why Gun Control Matters

[Please not: there are several factual errors in this post, things that were being reported while I was writing this that turned out not to be true. These errors do not change the sentiment of the post.]

I had Rachael Ray on this morning when abc broke in with news of a school shooting in Connecticut. And my first thought was, which asshole politician will be the first one to defend the right for people to own guns today?

First there was news of three people wounded and the gunman dead. Then there were reports that there were several people dead, including children. Then, suddenly, there were fourteen people dead. Then twenty-seven dead. Most of them children. That’s where things stand right now. I’m not sure at what point I ended up sobbing on my kitchen floor, but eventually I stopped crying and got pissed off.

And when other pissed off people, smart people, high-profile people, people who are able to understand statistics and human nature and who aren’t getting money from the NRA, when those people start talking about the need for stricter gun control, gun proponents will make the same tired arguments. That guns don’t kill people, people kill people. That criminals don’t use legal guns anyway. That someone who really wants a gun will find a way to get one, no matter what the laws say.

And here’s why that’s complete bullshit.

It’s not criminals that I’m afraid of anymore. It’s a normal person who snaps. This is apparently an excellent school in a town that has basically no crime. Reports are that the gunman was a parent at the school. Not a gang member, not a terrorist, but a parent. Someone who would probably have no problem getting a gun in a completely legal manner, who would have no need to get a gun illegally.

I have no idea what went through the shooter’s mind as he headed to an elementary school carrying, reportedly, four guns. How easy was it for him to get those guns? Did he have to fill out a few forms? Did he already have guns at home before he hatched this plan, just because?

What if he had had to jump through more hoops to get guns? What if he’d been forced to search out an illegal gun? Would he have been caught? Would the extra time have caused him to rethink what he wanted to do? If he’d had to try harder to get guns, would he have maybe calmed down? Or maybe tipped someone else off about what he was planning?

There are more reasons than I could list why people snap and get violent. What they have at their disposal makes the difference between a fistfight or a stabbing, and dozens of people being dead. Guns kill people. They kill them quickly, they kill them more than one at a time, they kill them before the victims even know what’s going on.

Right now, there are parents at that school in Connecticut who haven’t been able to pick up their children yet, and in dozens of cases, that’s because their kids are dead. There are no words for what they’re going through right now. It’s a pain that nobody should ever have to endure. As a society that has been so successful in so many other ways, what can we do to turn this around? To make sure that parents don’t have to go through something like this again?

My child’s safety is more important than your right to keep a gun around. I have zero patience at this point for anyone who argues any differently.

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  1. Denise Traynor says

    I agree. We have a Doctor who is from Germany and he said to get a gun there you have to have a background check and training. The wild west was all about guns but that consciousness must change. Please give Jake and Fiona a hug for me as i tear up as you did for those who died.

    • says

      @Denise Traynor: Thanks, mommy.

      Trying to figure out whether to tell Fiona what happened. Jake already knew before he got home from school, but Fiona is blissfully unaware. My fear is that she will be scared to go to school, a place that she loves.

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