Fit For Forty: RunPhones

WP_20130109_005There are only six-and-a-half weeks until the Disney Princess Half Marathon. And while I’ve definitely been slacking off exercise-wise for the past month or so, I’m still very far ahead of where I was at this point before the last two races. Today I did three miles and while it was very hard, it was doable.

I took my new RunPhones for a spin. They’re a cross between a headband, earmuffs, and headphones. Training for the Princess Half kinda sucks if you live in the northeast, because you’re doing most of your training during winter. The RunPhones definitely helped.

Of course even in the cold I get sweaty while jogging, but these are easy to clean. You open up the little Velcro pouch holding the headphones and take them out, and throw the headband in the washing machine.

My only complaint about them is that they occasionally slipped back from my ears about a half inch. They were easy enough to adjust, but I feel like if they made the back of the headband a little thinner they would stay in place better. But still, this is a minor complaint – they worked very well, kept my ears warm, and sounded great.


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