Happy Birthday To Me, Continued…

I turned forty a few months ago. I handled it with my usual grace. In other words, I was a mess. But then I was fine. My friends helped me through it with fun and cheese, and then it was over.

Only, it wasn’t. Today, months later, is my gift from my husband. He gave me a private cookie decorating lesson with Gail Dosik. But since she is ridiculously in demand around any holiday, this was the earliest we could coordinate our schedules.

I’ve stalked her blog since I first heard about her. I can just sit there and watch the cookies go by on her homepage.

And now, I get to learn how she works her magic.

I’m not sure she realizes what she’s gotten herself into. Sure, I can make good looking cookies (thanks to her amazing method for rolling out cookie dough). But I can’t make them pretty. Yet…

I will report back on our fun, but not on her secrets – you have to take a lesson from her to get those.

One thing’s for sure: the people who know me will be getting some cookies soon.

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