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Do you make videos and then upload them to YouTube? I do, about lots of different things: weight loss, baking, even just silly videos of my kids. And once you’ve uploaded your videos to YouTube, there’s a really quick, easy, and free way to get new eyeballs onto them: put them on MomTV!

MomTV was started by my friend Maria Bailey as a place where moms can go to look for videos made by other moms on lots of different topics. It’s a great way for me to expand my audience without having to make extra content. All I do is copy and paste the URLs of my YouTube videos into MomTV. The title and description are automatically imported from YouTube, so I just have to add tags and a MomTV category, and I’m done! It takes, literally, 20 or 30 seconds. My video is then on MomTV, waiting to be watched by an audience that might not necessarily find me in the vastness of YouTube.

You can add videos that you made a long time ago and give them new life, add new videos as you make them, or host your own web series about any topic you choose. You can even sign up to host a live weekly show (check them out here)!

I have a few web series going right now, including one about trying to get fit this year after turning forty. To start your own web series, you just create a MomTV account and then hover over the “Channels” dropdown and click on “Create a Web Series”.  You fill in the title and description for your series, then go find (or make) some videos for it! Then, once you’ve added a video to MomTV you can go to your web series, click on “Manage Videos” and then click “assign” to add a video to that web series. That’s it! It’s like your own little show!

You can get more info on how to use MomTV here.

So, check out the MomTV pinterest page, Facebook page, and twitter feed to get to know MomTV better, and then start uploading those videos! If you’re making them anyway, then you should definitely put them onto MomTV.

Here’s my latest, uploaded this morning, about how I’m going to change my exercise routine now that the Disney Princess Half Marathon is behind me.

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