Putting My Money Where My Ass Is

WP_20130319_001I’ve been nibbling around the edges of being a runner for too long. For three years now I’ve signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, and all three years I finished it using a combination of jogging and walking. And while I’m proud of that, I would like to run more of it. I am proud of what I’ve done, but it’s getting old.

The first two years I didn’t do much training. I would say I was going to, and then cold weather would hit and that plan would go out the window. This past year I did better: in the twenty weeks before the race, I averaged about 1.5 training sessions a week. And while that was nowhere near the 4 sessions my plan called for, it was still more than I had ever done. And while it was great to get through the race easier and not be in pain the next day, I was still really really slow.

Part of this is my weight. I simply have to take off some serious poundage before I can get much faster, and I’m working on that. But the other part is that I have to think about running as a year-round activity, not something I try to do each year just for the Princess Half.

I can put myself on any kind of schedule I want, I can say I’m going to do whatever. But the only thing that actually makes me do what I’ve said is to officially sign up for something. So, after pouring through the upcoming races in NYC for the rest of the year, I signed up for two: a 5K race in May, and a 10k in October. Signed up, paid for, committed to, as good as done.

The best part is, I train for the 5k when NYC isn’t beastly hot yet, and most of my 10k training will happen as we’re cooling down for fall. I’ll still have to train in the cold weather for the Princess Half in February, but I need to suck it up and just do it. I started yesterday by going for a run/walk in hail and freezing rain, and I didn’t die. In fact, I felt good. It felt good. To just get out there in conditions that weren’t ideal and say “screw it.”

So, the gauntlet has been thrown down – even if the only person I’m challenging is myself.

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  1. Cara Robinson says

    That is super awesome!! I’m a big fan of excercise that is free and can be done right outside your front door :)

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