Some Fantastic Finds At Getting Gorgeous

Today I had the pleasure of attending Getting Gorgeous, a fantastic event put on by my friends Audrey and Vera. It’s a place where bloggers can meet with brands large and small and discover new products. I found some new favorites that I’m thrilled to share with you.

I had a long conversation with the owner of Love Jac Cards, and was very impressed by the fact that this Brooklyn mom takes all of the photographs and makes the cards herself! I walked away with a gorgeous Brooklyn card, but they’re not all about Brooklyn. She has a huge selection of beautiful, handmade cards for every occasion. She has a card-of-the-month club, and even does custom design cards.


Foster Grant is a well-known sunglasses company that I knew very little about. The main thing I learned today? That their gorgeous glasses are really affordable! They have a huge selection of sunglasses on their site for under $30. I went home with this cute plum-colored pair, which are my new spring sunglasses! You can also find them on Amazon.


I stopped by the New Balance booth and fell in love with their new Ballet Flats. Not only are they adorable, they also have a reversible innersole with a massaging texture on one side, and cushiony foam on the other!

NB Ballet Flats

I brought home a couple bottles of Dial Kids Body & Hair Wash for Fiona, in Watermelon scent. It’s a no-more-tears formula, and I love that she only needs one bottle for body and hair. There’s also a Peachy Clean formula for younger kids, 2-5.

The ladies at the Downey booth gave me a sniff of the new Spring Scent of their Downy Unstopables. If you know me, you know that I have a bit of an Unstopables addiction. If I don’t have at least two extra bottles at all times I start to panic, thinking about the loads of laundry that might get done without Unstopables! Ahhhhh! No, seriously, I love Unstopables. And the new pink one smells really good. I’m told it goes well with the Downy Infusions Honey Flower fabric softener that I brought home from the event. Can’t wait to use it!

And my last great find of the day, Haute Tags! They’re cute metal tags surrounded by Swarovski Crystals and engraved with whatever you want (@SelfishMom, maybe?). They come with two bag tag-style ball chains that can be cut to size, so you can wear your tag as a bracelet or a necklace, or put it on a bag strap.


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