Posting this for @curmudgeonmufin. Not holding my breath for an apology though…

So this happened today:

Someone named Erin (@curmudgeonmufin) accused me on twitter of tweeting about a product (Tide stain pens) without disclosing that they paid me (which they didn’t). Actually, she accused me of not being “subtle” about the alleged sponsorship. Apparently, in her mind, I’m not supposed to be so straightforward about it when I like a product. I’m supposed to hide my “sponsorship” better.

Unfortunately for her, I’d bought the pen on my way to Chipotle (they’re next door to each other) since Tide stain pens are AWESOME and I knew the only thing dumber than eating a burrito in a white shirt would be to do it without a Tide stain pen handy. (I even bought one for Omer to keep at work, since he’s as messy as I am and they were so cheap.)


True to form, I dropped a tomato and a little guac on my brand new white shirt with my very first bite! And was SO glad to have that Tide stain pen with me.

So, Tide stain pens got a little publicity from me, and thanks to this Erin person, they got more.

Erin, you made a completely baseless accusation, attacked my integrity in a very public way, and possibly worst of all made me get off of the couch and go to my car to search for the receipt. You owe me a public apology. But based on our conversation so far, like I said, I’m not holding my breath.

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  1. says

    Some people are just stupid! i think it’s excellent planning to carry a tide to go pen and bonus you got them at a discount.

  2. says

    People like this are why we can’t have nice things. And why women have such a reputation for tearing each other down instead of building each other up.

    Additionally – Tide stain pens are awesome.

  3. says

    I have to reiterate, you do deserve an apology you are not your blog you are AMY too. I looked as an Ops and funny and been in that situation.

  4. says

    Not to mention the fact that very single time I’ve seen you post a sponsored tweet, you adhere to the FTC guidelines. They’ve made certain that really, there can’t be thinly-veiled sponsored posts.

    • says

      @submom4: Thank you. There have been times over the years when I’ve forgotten to disclose – I’m only human – but I’ve made a correction as soon as I realized it. Way different than purposely trying to hide something.

  5. Whitney Lindeman says

    This is so stupid. Just because you have a blog, you’re not allowed to mention brand names? And if you do, it’s because they’re paying you? Couldn’t possibly be that you simply have brand preferences like every normal human being. Sheeeesh.

  6. says

    I heart you, which you know. And I have pretty strong feelings for Tide Pens, too. I will admit that Tide did once give me a pen for free, maybe in 2009. I haven’t yet eaten at Chipotle, largely because they have never paid me to do so.

  7. says

    Hi Amy, I’m just now getting around to getting on Twitter from my PC & realizing it’s a lot easier to follow entire convos on my computer than it is on my iPhone Twitter app! I apparently missed out on a few pieces of the conversation between the two of you and can understand now why you were so upset! It was a baseless accusation on her part and the lame part of it is how she tried to complement your writing style all while accusing you at the same time! Seriously? You know you were in the right, and your readers know you well enough to know you wouldn’t post a sponsored tweet knowingly without disclosure. I would be upset too. Even if you used the hashtag #unsponsored she probably would say your weren’t being ‘subtle’ enough, which makes no sense whatsoever. She really should apologize.

    • says

      @Tonia L. Clark: She totally should. But don’t worry, I’m not upset. I only get upset when I’m on the wrong. :-D

      Some people just treat the online world like an alternate reality, where what they say doesn’t matter. She didn’t have a leg to stand on – there’s no way she would have made that accusation to my face. Sad for her.

  8. says

    The blogger secret police got you!
    I suspect they got their original info from the NSA who are reading all our tweets now.

  9. says

    Wow! That’s what I have to say first. Secondly, I cannot stand ppl who do not mind their own business.

    Also, as IF you didn’t know the rules of a sponsored post! SMH!

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