Charity Begins At Home – Especially When There Are Brownies

Fiona's charity bake sale

Fiona has been bugging me since she got back from camp to have a stoop sale. She wanted to sell a bunch of her toys and clothes and give the money to charity. She spent all day yesterday gathering her things and putting price tags on them. I made brownies and lemonade, donating the supplies and ingredients so that 100% of what she brought in could go to charity. We announced to the neighborhood that the sale would be today.

This morning, it poured. And Fiona was sad. Then, it started to clear up! And Fiona was hopeful! Then, about an hour before our sale was supposed to start, there was thunder and lightening and more rain.

Fiona was heartbroken. She begged to have the sale in the rain. Um, no. But I did tell her that if things cleared up a bit, we could still sell the brownies and lemonade. Once the rain had lightened to a drizzle, we brought our stuff outside and protected it under umbrellas.

For the first half hour or so, nobody stopped. I tried to explain to Fiona that the rain was going to make it harder to get people’s interest. But I think she willed the sun to come out with her smile and determination, and it finally did!

Her friend Sasha stopped by to help, and they divided up the duties: Fiona poured the lemonade and bagged up the brownies while Sasha took care of the money.

Fiona and her friends selling brownies and lemonade for charity

I love our neighborhood. Lots of people stopped by and bought something, looking at Fiona’s sign (“All food and drink sales go to charity”) and quizzing her on the charities she was supporting. Several people gave her $5 and told her to keep the change, and several more donated a dollar or two without wanting anything in return.

Only one lady disappointed us, exclaiming “$1 for lemonade?” and rolling her eyes as she walked away. I sincerely hope she didn’t see the charity sign.

But everyone else was wonderful. One man even showed up looking for “the brownie girls,” sent by his wife who had gotten one earlier (word of mouth sale!!!).

We closed up shop fifteen minutes early, out of brownies and lemonade – Fiona bought the last brownie because she wanted to go inside and play with her friend. :-) $42 was raised for two charities that Fiona helped me pick out: Give Kids The World, and The Door. One sends sick kids and their families to Disney World, and the other supports kids in NYC (especially LGBT and homeless kids) with counseling, classes, health services, and more.

We’re not done: we’ll be having our real stoop sale the next chance we get, with more baked goods and lemonade and toys and clothes and housewares, so that we can add to that $42.

I wish I could say that I raised Fiona to be this generous and sweet, but she just came out that way. I do try to set a good example for her, running races for charity and volunteering. But honestly, she’s way ahead of me. I can’t wait to see what she does when she grows up. Whatever it is, I know it will be a help to the world.

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    Way to go Fiona (and Mom)! Such a great role model for other kids. Love that you have people in the neighborhood that will support her desire to help charities. If we lived closer, you know we would have been there. Good luck with the next sales.

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