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Randomosity 11/23/13

File this under “the things we do for our kids.” There is nothing good about getting up at 5:30am on a Saturday. Absolutely nothing. If you think of something, keep it to yourself.


I’m getting a facial and a pedicure today. Some people buy expensive shoes, some people buy jewelry, some people smoke crack. I’m addicted to day spas.


Today will be day three of “Husband Watch: When Will He Notice That My Hair Is Seven Inches Shorter?”


I don’t usually say this about billboards, but this one is amazing!



What the hell is wrong with people? These Christians aren’t being very Christian.


This should get the taste of that last link out of your mouth. “Let’s take a hundred cats, release them in IKEA…and see what happens.” This is what happened.



Believe it or not, I support this. In my high school you could go for a regular diploma or a Regents diploma. Not everybody is headed to college, not everybody should be headed for college, but those kids should still get a high school diploma.


Have a great weekend! I sincerely hope you’re all still asleep.

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2 Responses to “Randomosity 11/23/13”

  1. holly on November 23rd, 2013 8:23 am

    Can i come? I’m spending the day at a kid’s museum – your day sounds more fun.
    holly recently posted..Cool Rainbow Loom TipsMy Profile

    Amy Oztan Reply:

    @holly: I’m taking Fiona and a friend to a Tween Dance Party after the spa, which will completely ruin any relaxation I manage to build up. Does that make it a little better? :-)