Ten Things I Learned About The Sound Of Music Without Watching It

Sound Of Music LiveAs much as I wanted to watch the live presentation of The Sound Of Music last night, I was busy picking Jake up from a late rehearsal and going to bed early. But I feel like I didn’t really need to watch it, because it was all anybody was talking about on Facebook and Twitter. And based on all of the comments, here’s what I learned.

1) Carrie Underwood has a pretty voice but can’t act. Well, duh. A nice voice does not a musical theater star make. If they really wanted to do this the right way, there are so many actual, seasoned musical theater actors whom they could have cast as Maria (one of them was already in the building and has played Maria before!!!). But they were going for audience numbers. And Carrie has a lot of fans.

2) People on the internet don’t seem to understand how hard it is to put something like this on TV live. There were so many comments along the lines of “Well I saw The Sound Of Music in [insert name of theater here], and that was LIVE, so I don’t see what the big deal is.”

3) A lot of people didn’t understand that this was the stage show and not the beloved movie, which made a lot of their complaints really dumb.

4) Audra MacDonald completely stole the show. Even if she was a black nun in Nazi Germany, which was weird.

5) Apparently there’s this vampire named Bill Compton, and nobody knew he could sing.

6) Carrie Underwood yodeled really well. Or terribly. Or too realistically. Or too southern. There was a lot of talk about the yodeling, but nobody could agree.

7) The hills were not actually alive, and several people wanted their money back.

8) An old dude kept hitting on Liesl, and it made a lot of the internet uncomfortable.

9) None of the accents were right. (But really, if you’re going to make that complaint, you have to make it about the movie too.)

10) A lot of people must have ended up really, really drunk.


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    And this is why we’re friends.

    I thought the accent comments were hysterical — Carrie Underwood should have had a British accent because she was Austrian? Whaaa??

    And I do appreciate how hard it is to do this live….but then, why do it? Made no sense. They could have skipped the terrible logistics and expense of that, and instead had more time to perfect….a lot of other things.

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      @Nancy: I agree. But there was little risk for them to do it this way – by the time anybody knew how bad it was, they would have already watched it and they would have made their money.

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    LOL! Love it.

    I am a curmudgeon when it comes to these things. I don’t like remakes in the first place, not when the original is sublimely wonderful (Poseidon Adventure! Footloose!). Having said that, high schools, even, put on “The Sound of Music” all the time, and for much cheaper, and without Carrie Underpants (it’s not an insult, it’s just what we called her when she was on American Idol), so I couldn’t get on board with the fuss.

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      @Toni: I feel bad for her. Because if someone had asked me to do it, of course I would have said yes. It was up to other people to take her aside and say “Listen, this is not going to be good, no matter how hard you work. You have to turn it down.”

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    Awesome post Amy! I did endure the whole 3 hours – LIVE. I give them huge kudos for the live production and the terrific singing. That’s all I will say.

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    While I appreciate the effort to make this production…it was really lacking in acting. I heard Audra MacDonald sing “Climb Every Mountain” and loved it…her voice was reminiscent of the original. So difficult to do a remake when you are comparing the cast to actual Broadway icons! They should have waited till us “old folks” who remember Mary Martin on Broadway were dead!

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