Randomosity 12/8/13

I love Sundays. If I play my cards right, I don’t have to set an alarm, don’t have to shower, don’t have to leave the house. Today, I played my cards right.


Every moment of the internet’s existence has been leading to this.


Classic works of literature as Upworthy headlines. It’s been difficult for me to put  my finger on why I dislike Upworthy, but I think this helps explain it. Thanks to my friend Sarah for this one.


Just when you thought all the different kinds of art had been invented, something amazing like this comes along. This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Even though it involves a lot of dead animals.


This guy. I can’t even. It has me thinking about what I could do with Omer’s chest hair.


I made this last night. The recipe was in my gift bag from that decorating lesson I had with The Cake Boss. It’s gone. I’m making more. Just got permission to post the recipe (which is ridiculously easy) so look for that in the next day or two!



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