The Celeb Tweet That Explained How The Internet works

I have a new hero, and her name is Gabourey Sidibe.

I made the mistake of watching the move Precious on an airplane, and spent a couple of hours sobbing all over my seatmates. Gabourey was phenomenal in a very ugly story about abuse, rape, and poverty.

And it was her first movie role.

And she got nominated for an Oscar.

So, she’s not new to the whole red carpet thing. I didn’t see the tweets about her during the Golden Globes. I don’t know if they were about her dress (which I consider fair game, unless we want to go this route), or her size, or her face, or what. But whatever people were saying, she’d clearly had enough:


Since getting online I’ve had my share of hateful comments, but for some reason they don’t bother me. Thoughtful criticism is something I take in and consider. But mean, nasty comments and tweets from people who are just running by to throw an insult at me and move on to the next person? Pfft.

They barely register because I know what they’re worth. I know that while I’m having a ton of fun with what is a pretty cool and easy job, they’re trying desperately to make up for something that’s lacking in their own lives by hurling hate.

And I don’t let it in. And honestly, it’s pretty easy.

And yet, I know people who struggle with this every day. They let those comments in and give them power. They agonize over every one. And I have to wonder why they got into a business that’s so public and open to criticism, and if it’s just going to crush their souls.

They could all take a lesson from Gabourey. She’s a freaking Oscar-nominated actress. She’s living her dream. She knows what she’s worth, and she knows what those comments are worth.

And that is how the internet works. People who are sitting on the sidelines hating themselves try to bring other people down. And people with confidence and happiness don’t give them the power.


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    So, I hesitated before writing this comment…but i hope you take it in the spirit I mean it: in admiration. A few years back, before you had transformed yourself into the svelte you you are today, you said something about your weight: “I knew I was heavy…but I didn’t care. I wanted to eat what I wanted, and I just didn’t care.”
    I cannot tell you what an impression that made. How impressed I was that you were so accepting with who you were. And that’s probably why you eventually did lose the weight…because it wasn’t so LOADED. You just did it.
    Yay you.

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      @Nancy: I swear, my insane self-acceptance is what kept me fat for so long. Because even now, I mostly don’t care. Which I think is why the FastDiet has worked so well for me: I don’t have to do it most of the time. I have to do it about the same amount that I care. :-)

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