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Jake headed to Carnegie Hall on the subway

Worlds Colliding In A Good Way

Tonight my work and family lives are going to collide in the best way possible. I’ve been working with Ronald McDonald House New York this year, and tonight my family and I are attending our second event as their guests (the first event was the fantastic Skate with the Greats a few months ago). We’ll […]


The Subway Etiquette Signs We Really Need

Recently the MTA here in NYC started putting up cute etiquette signs in the subways, like these, asking people to be considerate and not do certain things: The problem is, if the worst thing I saw on the subway was a guy eating French fries, a woman doing her hair, or some kid showing off […]


Halloween 2014 By The Numbers

This was the first year since having kids that I wasn’t out trick-or-treating with them. Fiona’s best friend’s mom was nice enough to take her, and Jake went with his friends. I actually got to sit on our stoop and hand out candy, something I’ve never gotten to do before! I decorated and everything! There […]


The Amazing Things You Can Make At The MakerBot Store

The first time I’d ever heard of MakerBot was at my first Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (2009, maybe?). I stood at their booth for a really long time, transfixed by the 3D printer in front of me, producing a little toy, layer by almost-imperceptible layer. Those first 3D printers were actually DIY kits […]


Catch Me On The Meredith Vieira Show Tomorrow!

This morning I showered and got dressed in something other than sweats and headed to 30 Rock (I love saying that, as if I run into Liz Lemon every time I’m in the building), otherwise known as 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Otherwise known as the home of some of the best TV shows in history. After […]


Why Funding The Arts In Schools Matters

The other night I was sitting in the auditorium at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Astoria, Queens. Actually, technically, I was sitting in the Tony Bennett Concert Hall. And Tony Bennett himself was also sitting in the Tony Bennett Concert Hall, with his wife, Susan Benedetto. The two of them had founded the […]


A Seat At The Table

Chirlane McCray, Mayor de Blasio, and Rebecca Levey On Friday I joined some other bloggers and sat down with NYC’s Mayor Bill de Blasio, his wife, Chirlane McCray, and my friend Rebecca Levey, who did a lot of work to help get our mayor elected. I’m thrilled to see that she still has a role […]

Why I’m A Foodie Nightmare

Yesterday was my fifteenth wedding anniversary. All day I had a feeling that I should be posting something about it, but I couldn’t figure out what. Anything really heartfelt and interesting about my relationship with my husband was, frankly, private, which left me with the usual “He’s awesome, we’re perfect for each other” blah blah […]

Renting Citibikes In NYC: What You Need To Know

I’d never understood short-term bike rental programs until my husband and I vacationed in Montreal last summer. I thought the only option for a bike was to rent from a bike store or a resort for a day. And why would someone want a bike for just half an hour? That’s crazy! When I take […]

My Awesome Cookie Lesson With Gail Dosik

Last week I had a private cookie decorating lesson with cookie maven Gail Dosik of One Tough Cookie, and it was an awesome day. First of all, her home is one of those gorgeous NYC apartments that, when seen on TV in a fictional show, you snort and say “Those places don’t exist!” Turns out […]