Nick Jonas is looking for your little superstar


My kids and I got to attend a press conference a few days ago to kick off the Quaker Chewy Superstar Search (and yes, my son gives bunny ears to almost everything when being photographed, even two-dimensional fictional brand representatives). The guest of honor was a young up-and-comer with a promising voice. Nick something? Oh…

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Slap your kids on an envelope and stick them in a mailbox with PictureItPostage

PictureItPostage edit screen

The following post was commissioned by PictureItPostage. I have to be honest, I hardly ever send anything through the mail anymore.  When I do, it’s usually for a special occasion – an invitation, thank you notes, an announcement, a holiday.  And those mailings would be even more special with personalized picture stamps from PictureItPostage.  You…

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