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Some Eggs Are Making Me Sick

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a long time. Someone other than me must be suffering from this and not know it. It took me months to figure out that eggs were making me sick to my stomach. Maybe I can help someone figure it out quicker than I did. About fifteen months […]


Doing Pinterest Right

I think I follow too many food boards on Pinterest. But at least I have my daughter’s lunch packed for the first day of school. Thanks for the inspiration, Kelby!


Olive Oil Popcorn Follow-Up: Blind Taste Test

  While I did write a sponsored post for Pompeian Olive Oil recently, this video was done on my own and was not sponsored in any way.


What To Do With All That Basil

AeroGarden basil: it’s always sunny in my back hallway Too much basil is a problem I usually don’t have until September or October each year. When the weather is turning cold I take all of the basil that’s left in my garden and make a whole lot of pesto. Thanks to my AeroGardens, I’m happily […]

A Simple Sundae For Your Sunday

I used to live near a Ben & Jerry’s, and almost every time I went I’d get the Banana Fudge Royal. I haven’t been to a B&J’s in probably a decade, and I don’t know if the Banana Fudge Royal even exists any more, but last Wednesday I got a powerful craving for one. So […]

Martha Stewart’s Banana Cream Pie Recipe

After talking about it for several days, I finally got around to making Banana Cream Pie. It’s one of my favorite desserts, but I’ve never found a recipe for it that I loved. I decided to try this one from Martha Stewart. As I always do for a first time recipe, I made it exactly […]

Jell-o Pudding Pops Still Exist

OK, so they don’t exist in the grocery store freezer section any more, and haven’t for quite a while. But you can easily make a close copy. I don’t remember exactly when they stopped existing, but I’m guessing it was about 18 years ago. If the internet had been around in any real way back […]

A Tale Of Two Kids (and a great recipe)

My kids could not approach the first day of school more differently if they tried. Fiona has been counting down. Yesterday she grabbed her school supply list and all of the stuff I’d gotten on Amazon (no waiting on a 100-person line at Staples this year!) and got to work organizing and bagging it up. […]

My Six Favorite Ways to Enjoy Strawberry Shortcake

Last weekend I took the kids strawberry picking. I can’t believe we’d never done this before! We used this site to find a great pick-your-own farm. We’re all crazy about strawberries, so we were all enthusiastic. In fact, I had to cut the kids off at six pints. They wanted to pick more, but we’re […]

Easy And Delicious From Homemade With Love

I’ve already written about the lovely launch party I went to last week for my friend Jennifer’s new cookbook Homemade With Love. And the baking lesson I took Fiona to and the wonderful cheese crackers the kids and I made. It was all fun and delicious. But here’s a little confession: as fun as it […]