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How To Filter Deep-Fryer Oil

I love deep frying food. When the weather gets cold the ice cream maker goes away and the deep fryer comes out. French fries, donuts, battered Oreos, everything tempura. It’s all amazing. But what isn’t amazing is how expensive peanut oil is. The more food particles I can filter out of it, the longer I […]


Perfect Diner Home Fries

I’ve lived in the same neighborhood since 2002. That’s twelve years of going to the same diner. And I always get one of three meals: Grilled Cheese with Fries, Egg Salad Sandwich with Onion Rings, or Bagel with Cream Cheese and Home Fries. (Incidentally, time of day does not affect which one I choose.) Now […]


How To Have Homemade Biscuits Every Day

Biscuits are one of the quickest, easiest homemade breads to get from ingredients to table. Nothing needs to be room temperature (in fact, the colder the better!), and the dough doesn’t need to rise before baking. However, that doesn’t mean that I want to get out measuring cups and spoons on a Wednesday morning just […]


Existential Cake Crisis

For years I’ve been attributing meaning to the cake and frosting my family members want me to make on their birthdays. It’s always the same: I’m ready to make something elaborate, something impressive, and they want boxed yellow cake mix with canned chocolate frosting. Every damn time. And I beg. I say, I can do […]


Some Eggs Are Making Me Sick

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a long time. Someone other than me must be suffering from this and not know it. It took me months to figure out that eggs were making me sick to my stomach. Maybe I can help someone figure it out quicker than I did. About fifteen months […]


Doing Pinterest Right

I think I follow too many food boards on Pinterest. But at least I have my daughter’s lunch packed for the first day of school. Thanks for the inspiration, Kelby!


Olive Oil Popcorn Follow-Up: Blind Taste Test

  While I did write a sponsored post for Pompeian Olive Oil recently, this video was done on my own and was not sponsored in any way.


What To Do With All That Basil

AeroGarden basil: it’s always sunny in my back hallway Too much basil is a problem I usually don’t have until September or October each year. When the weather is turning cold I take all of the basil that’s left in my garden and make a whole lot of pesto. Thanks to my AeroGardens, I’m happily […]

A Simple Sundae For Your Sunday

I used to live near a Ben & Jerry’s, and almost every time I went I’d get the Banana Fudge Royal. I haven’t been to a B&J’s in probably a decade, and I don’t know if the Banana Fudge Royal even exists any more, but last Wednesday I got a powerful craving for one. So […]

Martha Stewart’s Banana Cream Pie Recipe

After talking about it for several days, I finally got around to making Banana Cream Pie. It’s one of my favorite desserts, but I’ve never found a recipe for it that I loved. I decided to try this one from Martha Stewart. As I always do for a first time recipe, I made it exactly […]