The “Do Not Buy” Gift List 2012


I love doing my holiday shopping online. I don’t have to stand in actual lines. I don’t have to fight crowds. I don’t have to wear pants. But with such a limitless selection of items on the web, choosing gifts for friends and family can be hard. While I can’t really give you a list…

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Holiday couch shopping: coasters

It was a gorgeous day outside, about 85 degrees. The Ass took the kids to the park to ride bikes. I had the house to myself. So what did I do? Shopped online for coasters. The men in my life drink a lot of ice water, which in sticky weather like this leaves huge puddles…

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The “Do Not Buy” Holiday Gift List


There are a lot of gift guides out there, but I’m here to guide you away from the gifts on this list. 10. Peeing Santa Beverage Dispenser   So you’re looking for that special something to both class up your Christmas buffet table and send your children running to the closest therapist. You’ll find it…

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