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A Smelly Easter Craft That Will Be Awesome Next Easter

I’m not crafty. I can follow instructions well enough no matter what the project is, but I’m not naturally crafty. I don’t even have a “craft area” in my house. Which is why I got the brilliant idea to do an Easter craft last year at my mom’s house. By the way, did you know […]

Hard Boiled Eggs

How To Make Perfect, Pretty Hard Boiled Eggs

There’s nothing uglier than a hard boiled egg with a green or grey yolk. So gross. But I promise you, it’s an easy fix.   And once you’ve got those perfect hard boiled eggs, why not make them into cubes? So much fun! I’ve got three of these these egg cubers. My kids love doing […]

Quick Tip For Keeping Brown Sugar Soft

I’m trying out an overnight cinnamon bun recipe, and I just put this in the fridge: When I was making the filling I couldn’t remember the last time I’d used any of my light brown sugar – it had to have been months ago – but it was still nice and soft. I always pop […]

How to Kill Those Pesky Little Fruit Flies

I woke up yesterday morning to a fruit fly infestation. One even flew into my egg as I was scrambling it (ewwww). They’re too small to get consistently with my electric mosquito swatter and they drive me crazy. But there’s a really easy way to trap and kill just about all of them. Take a […]