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Raising Children Is Like Flying In An Airplane

Raising Children Is Like Flying In An Airplane

If you sit next to me on an airplane, you’ll see a calm, slightly annoyed-looking woman, probably wearing headphones or trying to fall asleep (which may just be a ploy not to talk to you, seatmate; nothing personal, I’m sure you’re very nice – I just hate small talk). I won’t be popping anti-anxiety meds […]

Questions About Gone With The Wind From A Ten Year Old

Fiona and I just watched the first hour of Gone With The Wind, right up until Ashley (Ashley!) goes back to the war after his Christmas leave. Fiona hasn’t watched a lot of old movies. An “old” movie to Fiona is Home Alone or Back To The Future. I knew she’d have questions. I didn’t […]


Parenting With Game Theory: Reciprocity (Or How Not To Let Things Spiral Out Of Control)

My daughter has a weird quirk that she totally got from me: She doesn’t like to let things go. Ever. She will bring something up minutes, hours, days, or years after it happened, when most everyone else in the world had forgotten about it and moved on. And since I’m just as stubborn as she […]


What A Nine Year Old Can Do

  On Tuesday, my friend Anna sent me this poll, because she knows how I feel about kids being able to have some independence. The headline of the article was, “68 Percent of Americans Don’t Think 9-Year-Olds Should Play at the Park Unsupervised.” I wasn’t really surprised by what the poll had to say. If […]

Child Neglect

It’s A Miracle That All Sensible Parents Aren’t In Jail

I have a little quiz for you. The biggest problem facing children in the United States of America today is: A) Strangers roaming the streets and parks, poised to snatch your children the moment you turn your back OR B) A complete lack of independence leading to obesity, boredom, and children who reach adulthood without […]


Tears, Cookies, And The Violent Femmes

At this point, I can’t be coy about loving the weeks when my daughter is at sleepaway camp – I’ve been too outspoken to attempt any kind of sentimentally about it. Perhaps this year she sensed it more, or was just being extra emotional about going, but a few days ago she sat down at […]


Like Clockwork, It’s Time To Ban Ice Cream and Icees again

Every year, when the weather gets warm. parents complain about how the ice cream truck makes their children cry. Their logic goes like this: “I don’t want my child to have ice cream. But I don’t want my child to be indoors. There are ice cream trucks outdoors. When I won’t let my child buy […]


BMI and Kids: Why It’s Bullshit

Today the NY Post ran a story about a girl in Staten Island who was told by her school that she was fat. One look at her and it’s obvious that she’s anything but. However, the notice from her school wasn’t based on looking at her, it was based on her BMI – body mass […]


James Bond Needs A Calendar

It’s Spring Concert week at Jake’s school, a week I actually like very much. The concerts at his school are fantastic. But it stresses me out that he has to wear a suit a couple of times during concert weeks – once during the school day and once for the evening concert. An organized person […]


The Day My Son Pointed A Gun At My Face

Fiona and Jake at an anti-gun rally in 2013 Four or five years ago I went to a birthday party at my step-brother’s house in Kansas. I don’t know my step-brother well. I don’t know any of my step-siblings well, and I have a lot of them. But my dad got remarried when I was […]