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Do You Have An Emergency Period Pack For Your Tween girl?


My daughter is nine. I don’t think she’s going to get her period any time real soon. I got mine when I was eleven, during a snowball fight at recess (I felt something wet and thought it was snow – that is such a Buffalo way to get your period). But I’ve heard that statistically girls are getting it younger these days so I want her to be prepared if it happens at school or at a friend’s house.

I just put together a little emergency pack for Fiona. It’s very small and she can just pop it in her backpack. I’ve seen kits online that have a ton of stuff in them, everything from tampons to pain pills to chocolate! But that can all be dealt with after she gets her period. This is just for the first time.

I took an old make-up bag I wasn’t using and put in:

  • a few small-ish maxi pads
  • a pack of tissues
  • a pair of underwear
  • a plastic bag for dirty underwear

And that’s it. I’m pretty sure that that will get her through the first time. If you can think of anything else essential, please leave it in the comments!!!

Heading into new territory. Trying to be as ready as possible.

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