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Congratulations to the “Love Your Veggies” winners!

So our garden is coming along surprisingly well, after a few bumps in the road. The first bump was when I returned from a three-day trip to find one of my planters dug up and filled with several days of cat poop. After cleaning it up and throwing up in my mouth a few times […]

Hidden Valley gets your garden started!

My Garden I’m writing this post under the best possible circumstances: in the early morning light, out in my newly-renovated back yard, gazing upon my new raised garden beds just waiting to be filled. (If any of my neighbors are looking my way, they’re not getting as good a deal – they’re gazing on me […]

In the kitchen with Mommy

I wrote the following post as part of the Love Your Veggies program, for which I am a paid spokesperson. I used to hate cooking with my kids. Actually, I used to hate cooking. I’ve always been in love with baking, but cooking was something that had to be done just to keep the rest […]

Things a gardening newbie learned today

If you think you’ll be able to show up at Home Depot towards the end of June and find seeds, you’re in for a surprise. Bags of potting soil are heavy.  Really heavy.  And if they start to slip from your grip and you try to lift them up, they spill dirt all over you. […]

Bad soccer mom!

I’m over on the NYC Moms Blog today, writing about how much I hated being a soccer mom, and I would love it if you stopped over and left a comment! Today is a perfect example of why I’m glad Jake quit soccer.  I lazed in bed until a little after 8, the kids playing […]