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Supermom Syndrome Is Voluntary

Let me tell you something I’ve learned in my years. There are victims of fires. There are victims of car accidents. This kind of thing, there are no victims, just volunteers.                                                  — CJ Cregg, West Wing The latest article to make the rounds about easing up on moms is this one, in The New […]

Guilt Is A Useless Fucking Emotion

I wrote this essay almost four years ago, for a book that never got published. I was reminded of it when I saw someone talking about guilt on twitter the other day. I think my personality is predisposed to feelings of guilt, but I’ve managed to almost banish it from my life, and you could […]

Forget Teens, Here’s A Message For Their Parents

If you were online at all today there’s a good chance you saw this post, about how this woman’s sons are not allowed to be Facebook friends with certain girls anymore, because they had posted pictures that she deemed inappropriate. (I could write an entire post about the pictures of her own sons in bathing […]

So what’s missing today?

My kids. My kids are at camp. My husband and I dropped them off yesterday in Pennsylvania for six weeks of sleepaway camp. They went for a week last year and loved it, and wanted to leave their day camps behind for campfires, bunk beds, musicals, dirt bikes, lake swimming, zip lines, and easy access […]

If you go public, I get to judge you, guilt free

I’m in Fort Lauderdale at the moment for the She Streams conference. I’m not just attending, I’m also doing my very first solo session – nobody else on the dais with me to look to for answers. Eek! On my flight down today a couple of notable things happened. The first was that the plane […]