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Soup Socks, My New Favorite Kitchen Item

I can’t believe I’m writing an entire post about Soup Socks, but here I am. I was going to wait and put together a post like “Five Helpful Kitchen Items You Need To Buy Right Now,” but it’s late and I’m tired and I just want to spread the word to the soup and sauce […]


Jeans That Actually Fit My Curves! Hallelujah!!!

When I buy jeans, they automatically cost $25 more than what the tag says. I always have to buy a size up from what would fit my waist, in order to accommodate my thighs and butt, which are…generously proportioned. However, this leaves me with a huge gap in my waistband, so after washing I take […]


My SodaStream Experiment: The Results

A little over three months ago I bought a SodaStream and started a little experiment: Would I like the SodaStream drinks enough, and would it save me any money over buying cans of Diet Dr Pepper? Start-Up Costs The cost analysis was fairly straightforward. I started with the following items: SodaStream Source Metal Edition, $73.59 […]


FitBit Flex Review

Yesterday I wrote about whether or not wearing a FitBit Flex actually changed how much I moved around each day (short answer: yes, most days, but not when I was such a slug that my goal was out of reach). This post is more specific to the FitBit Flex and the website. How I […]


How To (Sort Of) Tame Your Out-Of-Control Pictures

Between a laptop, a desktop, and a large external hard drive, I think I have about 40,000 photos saved (it’s hard to tell because when I do an image search, many are parts of programs and not photos). You can tell when I got inspired and started a new method of organizing them. If you […]


Ants In The Cat Food

Every spring, like clockwork, the same thing happens: The weather starts to get warm, ants come inside to explore, and they infest my cat’s food dish. The first year this happened I noticed my cat (dear departed Selma) sitting by her food, staring at it forlornly. When I went over to investigate I didn’t see […]

Awesome, Easy Indoor Winter Gardening

[I received a complimentary AeroGarden and starter seed kit to review.] Usually around this time of year I’m looking wistfully out of the window into my backyard, wondering when I’ll be able to get out there are start planting. But not this year, because I’ve been growing things all winter! I was really excited when […]

Tassimo Review By A Coffee Hater

Tassimo T55 At first glance I’m probably an odd choice to review anything having to do with coffee: I hate coffee. Hate the smell, hate the mess the grounds make, hate cleaning out the pot. My husband loves coffee, but usually only drinks it at home on weekends. Still, when Tassimo sent me a Tassimo […]

Is HootSuite A Better Alternative To TweetDeck?

My HootSuite Dashboard I’ve been a loyal user of TweetDeck for years (first the desktop version, then the Chrome version), but I finally pulled the plug today. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, TweetDeck is a third-party app used mainly for twitter – you can use Twitter through TweetDeck instead of directly on […]

Subaru Forester: Surprisingly Easy City Driving

Last week Subaru of America lent me a gorgeous, brand-new 2014 Forester. They also gave me gas money and a GoPro camera, with instructions to go off and have an adventure during the long holiday weekend. Before I could get to the weekend fun, though, I used the Forester for my everyday driving around Brooklyn. […]