Celebrating A Special Mac & Cheese Recipe With #Pyrex100

Spaghetti Mac on fork.

{The following post is sponsored by “Pyrex®, a World Kitchen brand.} One of my favorite memories from my childhood is helping my grandmother make Mac & Cheese. She was not a good cook, at all. But somehow she’d mastered making Mac & Cheese, and she was asked to bring it to every family gathering. She…

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Perfect Diner Home Fries

Perfect Diner Home Fries square

I’ve lived in the same neighborhood since 2002. That’s twelve years of going to the same diner. And I always get one of three meals: Grilled Cheese with Fries, Egg Salad Sandwich with Onion Rings, or Bagel with Cream Cheese and Home Fries. (Incidentally, time of day does not affect which one I choose.) Now…

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Super Easy Roasted Ranch Cauliflower

Easy Roasted Ranch Cauliflower

[I wrote this post as part of my compensated ambassadorship with Hidden Valley Ranch’s Love Your Veggies program; this post contains affiliate links, which help me buy more cauliflower.] I just made this for lunch: If you like Hidden Valley Ranch on your salad, you’ll love the tangy flavor on roasted cauliflower! To be honest,…

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Can The Sneaky Chef sneak some whole grains into my son?

Uncle Ben's Whole Grain White Rice

Like mother, like son Anyone who reads this blog with any regularity knows that my son is a picky eater.  I don’t want to be too hard on him, because I was a picky eater when I was a kid too, and eventually I came around and started eating a wider variety of foods.  I’m…

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