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I’d Never Really Thought About The Firefighters

{The following post is sponsored by Kidde.} This is my second year as a Kidde Ambassador. Kidde makes safety equipment, like smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and fire extinguishers. As an ambassador last year, I helped spread the word about different things we can all do to keep our families safe from fire. But looking […]


Always Be Prepared For Cold & Flu Season

[The following post is sponsored by SheSpeaks/P&G.] This past weekend I was in Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon. I have a standard packing list for this particular run, which I’ve been doing for five years now. It includes all of the stuff you would expect: sneakers, running clothes, headband, etc. But three years […]


When To Put Duracell Batteries Into Gifts…And When Not To!

[The following post is sponsored by SheSpeaks and Duracell.] When I was a kid I loved gadgets (nope, nothing has changed!). If it was on my Christmas list, chances are it made noise, lit up, moved on its own, or all three. And for sure it needed batteries. Batteries that we never seemed to have […]


Comparison Shop At Local Stores With Price Patrol

[The following post was sponsored by Price Patrol.] There have been so many times in the past when I’ve needed something right away – a gift for a birthday party I’d forgotten about, an item I needed for a project, or something that I just didn’t want to wait on for home delivery. If I’d […]


Just Dance 2015: Fun For The Coordinated, And For Me

I can’t dance. That’s a fact as true as the sky being blue and water being wet. But I can’t. I mean, I can learn moves if I have to. I’ve been in musicals and such. But I’m not a quick study, and I’m not at all graceful (tap was the only dance class I […]


Smartify Your House With PEQ

I’ve always wanted a “smart home.” I want to be able to see things and do things remotely while I’m away, or even just in another part of the house. I just set up a PEQ system in my house, and I feel like I’ve got my “smart home” started! A PEQ (pronounced “peek”) smart […]


Fire Prevention Week–What You Can Do!

[The following post is sponsored by Kidde.] If I told you that you were twice as likely to survive a disaster if you took certain reasonable steps, you’d do them, right? I mean, twice as likely to survive is nothing to sneeze at. That’s double. Well, if you have working smoke alarms installed where they’re […]


Clearing Up Some Misconceptions About Solar Power

I’ve been up on my roof probably twenty times in the eight years that we’ve owned our house, and on sunny days, it is hot up there. The black tar (or whatever they used, I’m not a roofer) is shimmery-hot. And every time I experience this I think about how awesome it would be to […]


A charity Walk That Won’t Give You Blisters

[The following post was sponsored by the Light The Night Campaign.] If you know me you know that I participate in a lot of walks and runs. Sometimes for charity, sometimes for a medal, sometimes just for the satisfaction I get from crossing a finish line. While I like challenging myself, I do realize that […]

Playworld Systems

How Free Play Changes Kids’ Brains

[The following post is sponsored by Playworld Systems.] I really loved writing about the benefits of free play last month. Playworld Systems makes the kind of playground equipment that helps free play thrive, letting kids take risks and figuring things out for themselves. When they pointed me in the direction of this NPR piece on […]