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What About All Those Negative Invisalign Reviews?

[I am a member of the Invisalign Moms Advisory Board and am receiving complimentary Invisalign treatment.]

Invisalign - last trays!

My last Invisalign trays!!!

I just read through a crap ton (yes, that’s the official measurement) of Invisalign reviews online. I’d seen someone mention on Facebook that of all of the reviews he’d read about Invisalign, about 80% of them were negative. I wanted to check them out for myself, because everyone I know is somewhere between happy and thrilled with their treatment.

I don’t know about 80%, but I did see a lot of negative reviews out there – enough that if I weren’t working with Invisalign and knew nothing about it, I would probably think twice about treatment.

As I read through the reviews, I started to notice patterns beyond the basic tendency to be louder when you’re complaining than when you’re happy. With just about every bad review I could identify why the person wasn’t happy.

These are the probable reasons I identified for most of the bad reviews, why they happen, and how the situation could have been avoided.

Choosing An Inexperienced Invisalign Provider

My orthodontist is one of the top 1% of providers of Invisalign in the country. This was the doctor Invisalign chose for me, and I’ll bet they chose doctors with similar credentials for the other members of the Invisalign Moms Advisory Board. And we’re all having really good experiences. Coincidence? I think not! Your provider makes SO much difference in the quality of your treatment!

Invisalign is part science, part art. Someone who doesn’t have much experience with Invisalign might not give you the best treatment options. Use the Doctor Locator tool on the Invisalign site and find someone who has a lot of experience.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

Before we even started discussing my treatment, my doctor sat me down and gave me some hard truths. I’m forty years old, and I’ve been using my teeth for three decades. Because they were so crooked, they’d worn in all different ways. If we straightened them with Invisalign, they still wouldn’t be perfect. They would be much, much better, but they weren’t going to land me any toothpaste commercials.

One of the advantages of taking care of crooked teeth when you’re young is that they can wear more evenly right from the beginning. Mine never had a chance.

I’m really glad my doctor laid all of this out right at the beginning, because I’ll admit that I had visions of perfect teeth in my head before I spoke with him that first time. When I see people complaining that they’re near the end of their treatment and their teeth still aren’t “straight” I have to wonder if they had realistic expectations of what Invisalign or braces could do.

Not Following The Treatment Plan

Another thing that my doctor spent a lot of time talking to me about was how much of the end result was in my control. In fact, he warned me that if I didn’t wear my Invisalign at least 22 hours every single day, he would probably have to switch me over to regular braces for the last part of the treatment. Not because braces work better than Invisalign, but because you can’t take braces out of your mouth whenever you need to.

His warning worked. I was a model patient.

So I wonder, did the complainers follow their treatments plans exactly? Did they wear their trays for 22 hours a day? That part takes some getting used to, trust me. One big restaurant dinner, from bread to dessert, is easily two hours. It takes planning and a little sacrifice. But the results are so worth it.

Pain Or Excessive Discomfort

I’m very lucky: I never had to take even a single Tylenol during my treatment because of pain in my mouth or headaches. I did two things that I think really helped make this possible. One, I changed to new trays right before bed. That way, I was sleeping through the tightest, least comfortable part of my treatment. Two, I made sure to wear my trays for 22 hours a day. That way, my teeth were where they were supposed to be at the end of each two-week period, making the transition to the next set of trays easier.

I’ve seen some people complain of canker sores with Invisalign. I stocked up on numbing gel before I started my treatment, just in case. But I only got a couple of canker sores during my entire treatment (and since I get them occasionally anyway, I can’t even be sure that they were because of the aligners).

If someone is getting a lot of canker sores, they should talk to their provider. If the trays are rubbing the gums, that could cause canker sores, but the trays can be filed down easily with a nail file.

No treatment will work for every single person, but you can absolutely maximize your own chances of success with Invisalign.

I am a member of the Invisalign Moms Advisory Board. I am receiving complimentary Invisalign treatment as part of this program. All opinions are my own and based on my own treatment experience. Full disclosure can be found here:

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