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A charity Walk That Won’t Give You Blisters

[The following post was sponsored by the Light The Night Campaign.] If you know me you know that I participate in a lot of walks and runs. Sometimes for charity, sometimes for a medal, sometimes just for the satisfaction I get from crossing a finish line. While I like challenging myself, I do realize that […]

Playworld Systems

How Free Play Changes Kids’ Brains

[The following post is sponsored by Playworld Systems.] I really loved writing about the benefits of free play last month. Playworld Systems makes the kind of playground equipment that helps free play thrive, letting kids take risks and figuring things out for themselves. When they pointed me in the direction of this NPR piece on […]


Keyless Home Entry With The Touch Of A Finger

[The following post is sponsored by Kevo] When I was a child I was promised a lot of things for the future. Rocket cars were at the top of the list, and that hasn’t happened yet. We do have robots, but all they really do is vacuum our floors. That’s a far cry from a […]


Creamy Hershey’s Syrup Dessert Dip Recipe

[The following post is sponsored by Hershey] My family uses a lot of Hershey’s Syrup, especially in summer. My son Jake and I both love chocolate milk, and I’ve been incorporating it into my exercise recovery. With the right balance of carbs to protein, chocolate milk helps me recover after my longer runs (and man, […]


Take the Pompeian Pledge For August!

[The following post is sponsored by Pompeian.] When Pompeian asked me to write a sponsored post about olive oil, I told myself that it would be a no-brainer. I already use a lot of olive oil when cooking. It’s delicious on pasta and pizza (and I eat a lot of pasta and pizza!). I always […]


Win A Hershey’s Syrup Sundae Prize Pack!

[The following post is sponsored by Hershey’s] A few months ago some new people moved in next door, and they have a fire pit. I’m totally jealous of their fire pit, mostly because I love s’mores! They’re the best part of camping. In fact, pretty much the only part of camping that I actually like. […]


Saving Play

[The following post is sponsored by Playworld Systems.] When I was growing up I had a lot of freedom to play on my own. I could roam around my neighborhood, play with other children, put on talent shows, have adventures, make new friends, scrape my knees, get into arguments, make up, invent games, and discover […]

Home Safety Month – What can You Do?

Home Safety Month: What Can You Do? [The following post is sponsored by Kidde.] June is Home Safety Month, which is a good time to take stock of how safe my house is. Since I started working with Kidde, I’ve been paying more attention to certain things. I added more smoke and CO alarms to […]


What’s An Occlusal Adjustment And Why Should You Ask Your Invisalign Provider About One?

[I am a member of the Invisalign Moms Advisory Board and am receiving complimentary Invisalign treatment.] My bottom teeth used to look like this: And my top teeth used to look like this: Now thanks to Invisalign they look like this! The difference is so big I still can’t believe it. I love looking at […]


TiVo. Because I Really Really Love TV

[The following post is sponsored by TiVo, a company I love and am thrilled to be working with.] My First TiVo Somewhere around 1997 or 1998 I read about this thing that was going to replace VCRs. At the time, I had two VCRs and dozens of tapes with my favorite shows on them (and […]