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A Few Cool New Tech Products

Tonight I attended a consumer tech show with a ‘70s sitcom theme, complete with Shirley Jones of The Partridge Family. But as cool as it was running into one of my favorite TV stars, I was there to see the gadgets. The Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat from Honeywell, coming out in May, can be controlled from […]

Using Windows 8 Without A Touchscreen

Initially I wasn’t sure if I should upgrade my Sony Vaio Z laptop to Windows 8. It doesn’t have a touchscreen, and Windows 8 was designed primarily for touchscreens. However, since I have a Windows Phone and will be getting a Surface tablet next week, I decided to give Windows 8 a try, to keep […]

My favorite Windows Phone Apps

I’ve been using my HTC 8X Windows Phone for over a month now, and I’ve been exploring new apps and settling in to my favorites. I’ve changed my start screen a bit since I first posted it, and it just keeps getting better and better. Now, I don’t do New Year’s resolutions officially, because if […]

My Very Own Windows Phone 8 Start Screen

I’m so thrilled to announce that I’m part of Team Windows Phone! For the next few months I’ll be sharing my experiences with my new Windows Phone 8, the HTC 8X, which has been given to me to review and explore. That’s my new start screen there, to the left (of course, you can’t see […]

Lenovo’s New Windows 8 Devices!

The other night I went to an event put on by Lenovo, highlighting their new Windows 8 devices. I checked out 3 rather unique PCs and two tablets. (I have no idea in the pictures below of the Yoga computers which is the 11 and which is the 13 – without comparing them to each […]

It’s a Windows Phone. And it’s big

This is crazy. Microsoft has set up a giant Windows Phone in Herald Square to celebrate the launch of Windows Phone 7.5, also known as Mango. They’ve already ordered pizza from it and there’s been a marriage proposal on it. Each live tile is the size of a shipping container. I wish I could’ve stuck […]

Today’s Agenda: Tech porn edition

I’m at a Microsoft event right now, looking at some great new products and getting more familiar with some older ones. This is the kind of thing that I love. I imagine this is how a lot of people’s brains feel when they watch sports. Gathering some great ideas for holiday shopping, can’t wait to […]

How to wrangle your google calendar for a trip to another time zone

So in January of 2010 I landed in Las Vegas for my very first Consumer Electronics Show. I’d booked wall-to-wall appointments for three days straight and had the most impressively color-coded and organized google calendar ever. So it was quite a shock when I checked the appointments on my phone for the next morning, only […]

Free software from Pandora to spy on your kids

Or spy on your spouse, or your employees… I just finished wrapping the kids’ gifts, but before I go to bed I wanted to pass along this great offer from PC Pandora, which makes software that enables you to keep track of what your kids are doing online.  It can record keystrokes, take snapshots of […]