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Microsoft Band mini keyboard

Major Microsoft Band Updates Today

I’m doing this totally backwards. A week ago I announced on social media that I’d finally gotten my hands on a review unit of the Microsoft Band. I wasn’t even trying to get a review unit initially; the Band was supposed to be my husband’s birthday gift to me way back in October. But after […]


The Best Gift For Any TV Lover

[The following post is sponsored by TiVo, a company I love and am thrilled to be working with.] I’ve been lucky enough to work with TiVo for several years now, but my relationship with TiVo goes back much further than that. I remember reading a little article in a magazine – just a few sentences […]


10 Cool New Tech Products Available Now, Plus One Amazing One Available Next Year

Last night I attended Wine Dine & Demo, a consumer tech showcase. Also a place for tech media to get drunk and eat a lot of food – that’s the “Wine” and “Dine” part. Between the Eggplant Parmesan, cannoli, and Diet Cokes, I managed to see quite a few interesting products that are available for […]


Windows Phone’s New Driving Mode

I don’t text while driving. Period. I can’t believe that I even have to mention that. If you text while driving, you’re a horrible person. Stop it. Of course, the one time I really really needed to text something to someone right away, I pulled over to the side of the road…and hit a bicyclist. […]


Hands-On Impressions Of The Surface Pro 3

[The following post is sponsored by Microsoft] Last night I went to a Microsoft Store to play with the Surface Pro 3. I have some Surface experience – I own the 1st generation Surface RT. But they’re barely related. The Surface Pro 3 I used last night was basically a powerful laptop in the body […]


New FitBit App For Windows Phone

Sometimes you write a post knowing that it will have broad appeal. Other times… I’m guessing there are roughly three people in the middle of this Venn diagram. This post is for you. Honestly, I could have added another circle to that diagram to reduce the number of interested readers even more: people who have […]

A Few Cool New Tech Products

Tonight I attended a consumer tech show with a ‘70s sitcom theme, complete with Shirley Jones of The Partridge Family. But as cool as it was running into one of my favorite TV stars, I was there to see the gadgets. The Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat from Honeywell, coming out in May, can be controlled from […]

Using Windows 8 Without A Touchscreen

Initially I wasn’t sure if I should upgrade my Sony Vaio Z laptop to Windows 8. It doesn’t have a touchscreen, and Windows 8 was designed primarily for touchscreens. However, since I have a Windows Phone and will be getting a Surface tablet next week, I decided to give Windows 8 a try, to keep […]

My favorite Windows Phone Apps

I’ve been using my HTC 8X Windows Phone for over a month now, and I’ve been exploring new apps and settling in to my favorites. I’ve changed my start screen a bit since I first posted it, and it just keeps getting better and better. Now, I don’t do New Year’s resolutions officially, because if […]

My Very Own Windows Phone 8 Start Screen

I’m so thrilled to announce that I’m part of Team Windows Phone! For the next few months I’ll be sharing my experiences with my new Windows Phone 8, the HTC 8X, which has been given to me to review and explore. That’s my new start screen there, to the left (of course, you can’t see […]