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This Week’s Time Sucker: Times Square Cam

It’s Wednesday, you’re dragging, you’re not paying any attention to work.  You need a distraction, and I’m here to help. There are few things more cliched than visiting Times Square.  Plus it’s cold.  It’s much more fun to go to the HD Times Square cam and watch other people walk around in the cold. Or, […]

This week’s time sucker: the best of Wikipedia

If you run into me and I start babbling about random fascinating facts and weird stories, you can blame these lists.  The first is on wikisbest, where users can contribute and vote on wiki articles.  Ever seen a dymaxion map of earth?  Or heard of the Boston Molassas Disaster?  The Museum of Bad Art is […]

The Return of “This Week’s Time Sucker”

Way back when I started this blog I had a couple of regular features.  “Randomosity” was my weekly dumping ground for all of those smaller items that I found interesting but that didn’t really deserve an entire post.  “This Week’s Time Sucker” was a weekly website plug – often a game – that had the […]

This Week’s Time Suckers: cute cute!

Until yesterday, I had never been to any site that exists solely for rating pictures.  I know lots of people who go to sites rating how hot people are and other variations, but I’d never had any interest.  Then I happened upon these two sites: Rate My Kitten Rate My Puppy This is how I […]

This week’s time sucker: Board Dots

Go ahead, try the first level.  Deceptively simple.  Took me ten seconds.  Second level?  Took me ten frustrating minutes.  I have to let it go for tonight.  Based on the second level, if I start the third level, I will be awake until I solve it, and who knows how long that will take! The […]

This Week’s Time Sucker: know your geography!

My stepmom Angela sent me this.  She sent it about two weeks ago.  Two days ago, she sent me an email stating that she had finally scored 100%, and that she wanted it on her tombstone.  My question, having only achieved around an 80% myself, was had she bathed or eaten in the past two […]

This week’s time sucker, thou bawdy rude-growing measle!

Don’t you hate it when you can’t quite find an insult bold enough?  Never again! Shakespearean Insulter Thanks to my friend Toni for this one!  She’s staying with me right now and emailed it to me from my living room :-) Originally posted on Selfish Mom Shop Amazon

This Week’s Time Sucker

This site is mesmerizing.  Even simple ragged lines become beautiful when spun into 3D.  Makes me feel way more creative than I am! String Spin

This week’s time sucker, Christmas edition!

Here’s a whole page of Christmas-themed games!  Snow line is my favorite.  Have fun! Christmas Games Originally posted on Selfish Mom

This week’s time sucker: Sock and Awe

This week’s time sucker found me.  Pretty much every show I watched and every website I went to talked ad nauseum about the Bush shoe-ducking incident.  There were some great jokes, like this one, which I think was on Leno: In dodging the shoe Bush did something he’s never done before, he leaned to the […]