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Today’s Agenda: Almost back-to-school edition!

So this morning I slept in until after ten while my kids amused themselves. And as happy as I am that they start school again tomorrow, I’ll be a little sad to give up the schedule I’ve had for the last few weeks. First they were at sleepaway camp for a week and I had, basically, no schedule. Then they were in Florida with The Ass and, again, no schedule. The kids and I just got back last night from a trip to visit family in Kansas, and we all slept in each morning until about 9am central time. It was glorious. But now it’s over. Sniff.

Last year I admit I slacked off a bit too much when it came to school mornings. I’d let my husband wake the kids up and get them started, and then I’d finally roll out of bed around 8am, just in time to make sure they’d had some sort of breakfast, were dressed in the right clothes, and had their bags packed. It was fine, but didn’t totally work for me. For one thing, the last couple hours of sleep weren’t good. I would get woken up repeatedly by the sounds of the rest of the house getting ready. Also, my day didn’t really get started until I got back from dropping them off, around 9am. Too much time wasted.

So, this year, I’m going to try to get up at seven every morning. That extra hour should get things running smoother. Starting tomorrow. Again, sniff.

As for today, I have to organize their school supplies. I took a guess based on past years and bought a bunch of supplies a month ago. Whatever I’m still missing I’ll order online. There’s no way I’m going anywhere near an office-type store the first week of school in NYC. I’ve done that before. It’s just not worth it.

Also, I’ll be posting a really excellent podcast from The Blogging Angels. We were lucky enough to snag the fabulous Lisa Belkin as our guest for this episode. In case you don’t know Lisa, she writes The Motherlode blog for the New York Times. It’s one of my absolute favorite columns online.

Other than that, the usual post-trip stuff. Staring at the suitcase and wondering why it isn’t walking itself up the stairs. Using someone else’s toothbrush because mine is still packed. You know, the usual.

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