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My FastDiet Winter Slump

WP_20140222_008 I haven’t written about the FastDiet in a while, mostly because there was nothing to write about. In fact, the last time was way back in September.

So what’s been happening since then? Nothing. And it’s been a little frustrating, to be honest.

When I last wrote about the FastDiet I’d been doing it for more than six months, and I’d had a lot of success. But I did notice that when I was more active in the spring and fall I lost about a pound a week, versus half a pound a week in the summer, when I barely did any formal exercise at all.

But I was still a little active, working in my garden and walking or biking on errands instead of driving. It wasn’t much, but it was apparently enough to keep my weight loss going.

By the time the weather started getting really cold I had lost almost 30lbs doing the FastDiet. But then winter hit, and I barely left my house. I was a complete slug. And I stopped losing weight, even though I was still doing my two fasting days a week.

Still, I felt like that was OK. Most winters I gain about ten pounds, so staying the same was fine with me – it was a win by comparison.

Then, as I got closer to my fourth half marathon, a couple of things happened. Number one, I got hungrier. When I was training for several 5K races last spring, and a 10K in late summer/early fall, I still wasn’t exercising all that much – 30 minutes or so, a few times a week.

But in January and February, as my runs got longer, I just wanted to eat all of the time. Was it actually physical, or just all in my head? I don’t know. But I was pigging out. Being in the house most of the time, wearing big bulky sweaters, didn’t help.

And then I decided to take a few weeks off from the FastDiet leading up to the big race. I’d had no trouble doing two or three miles on an empty stomach or the day after a fasting day, but when I was doing six, seven, eight or more miles, I needed the fuel. It was getting too hard to schedule my runs around my FastDiet days.

And man, was I fueling. By race time I had gained back about five pounds of what I’d lost on the FastDiet.

Things are turning around, though. My one-year FastDiet anniversary passed by a few weeks ago, and I’ve lost a couple more pounds. Now that this terrible, frigid, long-ass winter seems to finally be on the way out, I’m more active again, but not to such an extent that I want to eat everything in the house.

This next phase will be interesting. I’ve definitely proven that I can lose weight on the FastDiet. I’m down to a size 14, and I feel great. I no longer feel huge. I feel…average. Normal.

But the question is, can I actually get thin on the FastDiet? I’ve gotten smaller, definitely. But I’m still about 30 to 35 pounds bigger than I would like to be. My butt and thighs are still huge, and I’ve got Miss Piggy legs. I lose weight from the top down, so I’m still waiting for a significant change to happen to my lower half.

The next few months will tell me if I can just keep going with the FastDiet, or if I need to look into other options.

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